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Not everyone is like Barney Stinson who can simply suit up, hit the re-psych button, and get out there. Geek, nerd, or whatever you may want to call yourself, finding like-minded people to hang out with – and maybe become partners at some point – is not easy.

Penny and Leonard; Bernadette and Howard; and Amy and Sheldon do exist in real life (I’d like to think so!), but who says it’s as simple as making a hot beverage for a friend who is not feeling well?

The Geek’s Guide To Dating: Your Prime Walkthrough In The Game Of Love

Thanks to the online community, meeting people is now easier. Especially if you feel more comfortable conversing via the keyboard than using your voice.

Sure, you can join or whatever popular dating site out there, but why do so when life can be more exciting if you’re a Star Trek fan and looking to meet someone?

That’s what Trekkie dating site,, comes into the picture.

It does what it says on the tin: people join the site to meet fellow Trekkies – whether it’s for platonic relationships or something more.

Laurence Atkinson, Chief Engineer of, says, “Meeting your perfect match can be tough especially when you are looking for someone who shares a passion with you. We came up with a Star Trek themed dating site as a bit of fun and never expected it to grow into the phenomenon that it has“.

It’s not a new concept – there are other niche dating sites – but for Trekkies, this is the ultimate place to be.

What’s in it for you?

When you join, you’ll be able to do all of the same things that are done on most dating sites: upload pictures, craft a personal bio, and search with more variables than the U.S.S. Enterprise’s science station.

Unlike the Star Trek film: The Search for Spock, finding your perfect match is literally a click away, and you won’t have to go as far as Vulcan for that all important first date (unless you are into Vulcans!).

Fans flocking to the site have been uploading both pictures in civilian attire and also dressed in full Starfleet uniforms. Perhaps one of the reasons fans are taking to the site is because it’s a safe environment to share their passion for the franchise. Some have even been using the site’s diary function to post daily Star Trek quizzes up for other fans to answer.

While it’s a Trekkie dating site, it is much more than that. It is a haven for Star Trek fans who can’t have enough of their passion and can’t stop sharing it with others.


I say why not? At the very least, you can give it a shot.

I’ll bet you a month’s wages that you’ll find your Spock, Uhura, or Picard from the site faster than you can say “Let’s go to the bar”.

On that note, it’s time to give the details of the giveaway that TrekDating is sponsoring.

TrekDating Memberships Up for Grabs!

Here’s the deal. would is offering FIVE ForeverGeek readers a 6-month full membership worth $139.95 per person. All you need to do is tweet and leave a comment. Easier than fixing the Enterprise when it acts up.

The giveaway starts today, November 10 and ends November 17. The winners will be announced on November 18.

Come on, don’t be shy. Get ready for your social life to go on warp speed.

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