Trial of the Clone Audiobook Gets Wil Wheaton As Reader

Trial of the Clone

Sheldon Cooper may hate the guts of Wil Wheaton, but that does not change the fact that in the real world, this geek celebrity has a huge following. Okay, well, there may be some who may not be that enamored by Wil Wheaton, but still…

If you think Wil Wheaton is the [insert whatever word you prefer that denotes awesomeness here], and you like sci-fi adventure thingies, then the chances are that you will want to back this Kickstarter project up. Called “Trial of the Clone”, the project is actually a “choosable path gamebook”.

At the risk of offending those who already know what that means and thinks that everyone else should know it, too, let’s give a little insight to the term anyway.

Remember those awesome pocketbooks where you could choose your own adventure? Yeah, you know what I am talking about. “Trial of the Clone” is something like that, except that obviously, it is in audio format. Did I already say that you will be hearing Wil Wheaton’s voice all throughout?

Aside from the medium being different, “Trial of the Clone” also adds the ability to collect weapons as you go. Of course, powers and fighting monsters are always a possibility as well.

The guy behind the project is Zach Weiner. Some of you might already know about him, as he has been working on the comic “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal” for the past decade. So yeah, “Trial of the Clone” does have a book version, but the fundraising efforts have gone beyond their expectations, hence the audiobook. Wait – have I told you Wil Wheaton’s going to be reading it?

The Kickstarter deadline for “Trial of the Clone” is on Wednesday, July 25, 3:14 AM EDT. You still have enough time to get in there and  make sure you get a copy. If you don’t want – or can’t – shell out money at the moment, just spreading the word will help.

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