Tron Guy Schlocks it up

Jay Maynard does it again.... this time as Schlock Mercenary's General Xinchub


Heh. Too funny. Jay Maynard, the infamous Tron Guy hooked up with Howard Taylor, creator of the most excellent web comic, Schlock Mercenary and planned out a new costume… he picked General Xinchub, the head of UNS military intelligence, and the only character besides Sergeant Schlock (a large amorphous greenish brown blob resembling nothing more clearly than a large dung heap) who he could conceivably dress as (the characters in Schlock Mercenary are largely mercenary soldiers, who tend more towards the “heavily pumped with steroids” than the “heavily pumped with bacon and jelly donuts” type. He did a very good job with the costume, and thankfully seems to be wearing a cup this time. But more importantly, he advertised a great comic. Go read it! (link is to the very first comic, in 2000. the artwork improves; the story’s great from day 1)

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