Tron The Betrayal – how apt!

As Comic Con drew to a close, Marvel released news that they would be publishing Tron: The Betrayal, designed to ‘bridge the gap’ between the original film and the new Tron:Legacy.

Now like any child of the Eighties, I am really looking forward to the new movie, even as averse to Disney I usually am. After several really enjoyble offerings, Disney is slowly winning me back after my teenage rejection of all things Mickey.

Still, I find it really ironic that this series is entitled The Betrayal. No one can deny that Disney is big business. Marvel also, especially with it’s recent movie successes, is big business. The relationship between the two of them is natural, right?

But does anyone remember two small series from SLG (Slave Labor Graphics)? Simply entitled Tron, they were good reads. These were only two years ago, in 2008.

Admittedly, I only ever found a few issues of these, but I really enjoyed what parts of the series I did find. Despite the shaky lettering that many smaller companies suffer from, the series had an implied depth that if it were to have continued, could have reached the dizzy heights of say John Ostrander’s Suicide Squad or Firestorm to say the least.

I suppose I can understand why Disney has now opted to issue the license to Marvel rather than SLG, as certainly distribution could be an issue., as evidenced by the last two minis. I can’t help but wonder what a boon for SLG keeping the Disney license would have been.

My advice? Dig these issues out of the back issue bins. Give SLG a reason to reprint if their license allows. These series had a lot of potential, and yet again the smaller companies have been thrown under the bus.

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