Troubleshooting Your iPod

By Dave

Ever since the first generation iPod, I have heard complaints about various things with the iPod. Battery life, recharging the batter, hard drive problems, etc…

Well it looks like there is a book dedicated to the iPod, and understanding it better. The book is called Secrets of the iPod, and on Peach Pit’s website (the publisher), there is a sample chapter which gives some great information on troubleshooting your Apple iPod.

This content is from Secrets of the iPod by Christopher Breen (Peachpit Press 2002)

Failure to boot

There are a few possible reasons why an iPod might not boot beyond the Apple logo?some benign and others not so.

The Hold switch is on. Go ahead and smack yourself in the head (and then breathe a sigh of relief) if your iPod won’t start up because the Hold switch is engaged.

Drained battery. Among the most benign problems is an iPod battery that’s drained. Plug your iPod into the power adapter or your computer, and let it charge. If everything’s hunky-dory after that, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

In some rare cases, the battery may not be drained enough for the iPod to be reset. If you’ve tried other solutions and failed, unplug the iPod from a power supply for 24 hours; then plug it into a power source and attempt to reset it by holding down the Play and Menu buttons for 10 seconds.

Confused iPod. If the iPod still refuses to boot, attempt to reset it by pressing and holding the Play and Menu buttons for 10 seconds.

Incorrect formatting. At some point, you might have thought it would be a nifty idea to reformat your iPod’s hard drive?partitioned it to install Mac OS 9 on one partition and Mac OS X on the other, for example. Bad idea. If you’ve formatted the drive in any format other than Mac OS Extended (HFS Plus), the iPod won’t play music files. To put things right, you must restore your iPod .

There are more tips on the site, and reading all the problems that you can have in that list, I don’t know if I would want an iPod, despite it being one of the best selling Mp3 players, and having a nice look and interface.

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