Turn ANY TV Off With The TV Off Remote Jammer

Tell me if this scenario is familiar…

Your husband (or wife, for that matter) wants to spend the night watching footie. Or perhaps American football. Or some other show that you absolutely dislike. On the other end of the spectrum, you want to watch your favourite show on the telly. An argument ensues. And goes on for a bit. And a bit more. Who wins in the end? Beats me.

But if you are on the losing end of that argument, I think I have a pretty good idea of how frustrated you can be. So here’s my gift for you: the TV Off Remote Jammer!

This little baby can give you power – absolute power! – over any TV set that you meet. To exercise that power, you just need to point the Jammer at the set. You can then do whatever you wish to do: turn it off, change the channel, or mute the sound! Even if your spouse eventually finds out what you are doing (if you are smart, he or she never will), I am willing to bet that the satisfaction that you will feel is not easily rivaled by any other feeling.

Even better, if you like doing practical jokes, head on over to the nearest sports bar and start playing with all the TV sets they have. I can now just imagine the ruckus that will ensue, especially if you do this in the middle of an exciting game of footie or rugby. (Okay, I admit, that is a suicidal thought.)

Anyhow, if you want one – and I am pretty sure you do – get it at Crazy About Gadgets for 9.99GBP.

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