Tweephone Lets You Tweet Using a Rotary Phone


What is your favorite Twitter client? Or maybe you prefer using the web site itself. I use TweetDeck simply because I had been using it for a while and the other clients don’t seem to measure up. I have gotten really used to the interface and how easy it is to access different accounts at the same time. It really makes tweeting even more convenient.

Then again, countless other people use TweetDeck – and all the other Twitter clients, I suppose. If originality is what matters most to you, then you might be on the hunt for something cooler, if not more user friendly.

That’s exactly what Tweephone does. This “cutting edge” device makes use of the obsolete rotary phone (though I am pretty sure you can find one somewhere). The way the Tweephone works is so simple, but definitely not easy. Remember the mobile phones which uses the alphanumeric keypad? In order to “type” a letter, you have to press the button several times. The same principle applies when using the Tweephone to type out a tweet. Well, I guess dial a tweet is a more appropriate description.

The Tweephone was created by tech agency Unteleported, together with UP Digital Bureau, which is celebrating its first anniversary. Obviously, the device is one of its kind and will probably not reach the general public. It does, however, have its own Twitter account, where you can read the updates. Unsurprisingly, the tweets are way short of the 140-character limit that we have all learned to deal with over the years.

It may not be the most efficient way to tweet, but the Tweephone certainly is the most unique client (if that is even the most appropriate term) out there. Who wants to give it a try? It might not be possible, but here is a video which should suffice.

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