Twitwee, The Best Twitter Clock Ever

I don’t know how I’ve missed this so far but then again I only started writing here again, right? So even news which isn’t too old still is totally fresh, got it?!

Ok. Twitwee. Sounds like Gary Vaynerchuck’s whatever online social media projects or something like that but it’s lots better. Of course it’s all about Twitter but there are no celebrities involved, even no geek celebrities on twitter.

So what is it then? TV?

Wrong again. It’s a Twitter Cuckoo Clock.

The Twitwee Clock is a modified Cuckoo Clock that wirelessly connects to the internet and constantly checks for new status updates or search results received from the Twitter API. New Tweets are displayed on the built in display in near-realtime accompanied by the charming yet obtrusive call of a mechanical cuckoo poping out of the clock.

Visit the project page for more info:

Now if all you think about the Twitwee clock is WTF!?, let me assure you that your thinking is way too shallow. Remember the Twittering washing machine? Indeed, now you even won’t have to check your ‘laundry’s done Twitter account’ anymore.

In technical language for n00bs it’s called ‘Optimising the workflow‘.

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