No Man's Lie: No Man's Sky May and It's Overly Lofty Promises Squashed?

When we ALL (as in every geek and gamer alive) first heard about No Man’s Sky, it caused a seismic reaction in most gamers that redefined pre-game hype. I, myself, being a big part of that massive hype machine, too, but I aired my genuine concerns as well. How can a game promising such lofty things deliver those things? If a game like No Man’s Sky was possible and works like they say it will, how was the team that made it so small? And my fears grew over time (which is why I spoke of the game less and less on here), but I will be honest, once I saw the developer on TV getting bowed to (by a person I and again, most geeks greatly respect) before even releasing the product, my love started to give way and my doubt grew. Hell, Notch changed gaming and I barely know what that guys looks like, yet everywhere I was turning, there was No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray, beaming:

Then Sean Murray starts humblebragging about how he didn’t have the time to meet Kanye West because he was too busy with Spielberg and Elon Musk that day (no joke, watch below. Warning, smug alert:)

And that is when my doubt turned into “no way.” A game this ambitious with a handful of people making it, needs everyone there, and it seemed like he was just never there. Was too busy becoming a rock star. That is when it started to feel like the final product was in no way going to be what was promised (which, for the three of you who don’t know, was an open world game where you could explore space and people were quoted saying it would take billions of years to finish and you had no chance of seeing another player in multiplayer because the world would be way too massive. Spoiler Alert, people have already met, kind of).

There is a fine line between being an ambitious indie game developer and being someone who REALLY REALLY wants to be famous and worshiped. Once I saw that line get thinner and thinner and saw the hype for No Man’s Sky get bigger and bigger, my thoughts turned to:

Should a game that has not been played completely be getting praised this thoroughly by the media (and) rather than spending all his time in the limelight, you figure Sean Murray would be doing everything he could to ensure he did not just become gaming’s new Peter Molyneux (for those who don’t know, Molyneux is the creator of Fable and is known for hyping his games to a point where there is no way they can meet those expectations by the time the game drops.) Bad news, Sean Murray just became that overnight. Yes, overnight.

So here is the simple breakdown of the Reddit thread posted above (which was just closed an hour ago, so check back for updates by time you are reading this). The one big promise in No Man’s Sky was NO TWO PLAYERS would have the chance to meet up because the game’s scope is so huge. Well, guess what?

How is that for a kick in the dick? But wait, because it gets way weirder. Now before I say anything damning about the game or the developers, this all could be a server issue. BUT (and if you read my writing, you know there is always a but) the two players landed on exact same planet at same time and even mined the same element,  yet neither could see one another. This begs a HUGE and troubling question that I may be the only one who has balls big enough to ask:

When developer Hello Games said there was NO CHANCE gamers would run into each other in multiplayer in No Man’s Sky, is it because the game is coded in such a way where we may not ACTUALLY be able to see the other players?

If so, that is some really sneaky, backwards shit. Again, could be a simple server issue and as of right now (2 a.m, eastern standard, Tuesday night) nothing has been resolved. BUT (me and my buts again) if it is indeed, server issues, what about the “no players will run into each other.” Was that all a lie? Either way, the game may have racked up a decent score by some (everyone in last day has changed their review to “review in progress” after giving the game 8’s. Whack ass, psuedo journalists), but there may be some bigger issues that will unfold the deeper people delve into No Man’s Sky.

Just be careful not to bump into the person in the right next to you who you can’t see. Also, check the site itself as the developers are at least trying to be proactiv in this process, which I respect, but they still got some serious explaining to do….

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