The Ultimate List of Geeky Shows in 2015

The past decade has been tough for science fiction and drama enthusiasts. With the never-ending influx of reality TV, good ol’ scripted series have been rather spotty at best. While we have been introduced to great shows like The Flash, The Walking Dead and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., many still long for greater consistency across major television networks.

Thankfully the arena seems to be improving thanks to the success of the aforementioned smash hits. The following shows are exactly what rabid geeks have been asking for, with most of them scheduled to be released later this year. For those without an exact release date, at least we find comfort in knowing that they are well underway nonetheless. Here are the best TV shows of 2015 for geeks.

Note: Some of the following will air primarily on gaming consoles. Needless to say, they are sure to satisfy your cravings for great American geeky television.


Airs on: CW, March 17

Just when we thought the zombie craze couldn’t be imagined in any other angle, we suddenly get iZombie – this time with a somewhat lighthearted twist. Liv Moore is an overachiever whose life is abruptly turned upside down. While attending a local party, the young, medical resident was partially turned into a zombie after a crazy and well unexpected zombie frenzy took place.

In order to keep her sanity and motor skills intact, Liv must now follow a rather tasty diet that consists of brains, forcing her to get a job as a coroner at the city morgue. Even more surprisingly is the fact that she can now consume some of the victims’ past memories leading to their death, which she uses to help solve ongoing crimes.

We are anxiously looking forward to the show, as it seems to offer something fresh and brainy about an otherwise overdone genre.



Airs on: Netflix, April 10

The superhero craze has no end in sight, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Luckily for fans, giants like Marvel and DC Comics are working on various reboots in an effort to correct past blunders like The Fantastic 4 and The Green Lantern, respectively.

Not everything is aimed for the big screen, though. The latest comic book TV adaptation comes in the form of Daredevil, a blind hero who uses all main human senses to fight crimes and save the day. As any comic book fan would know, there is plenty of potential in the series providing is well executed and (hopefully) contains some cameo appearances later down the line.

Get ready to blindly follow this captivating new series when it airs on Netflix this coming April.


The Last Man on Earth

Airs on: FOX, March 1

We’ll be honest: This is the sort of premise that begs to be made as a drama series (similarly to the I Am Legend movie). Despite being mainly a comedy, though, we are still excited to see what this intriguing idea could bring to the table.

Phil Miller appears to be the last surviving human in the year 2022 after an unknown incident wipes out the entire human population. His sole mission is now finding out what exactly happened, why it took place, as well as locating any survivors (especially female companions, for the sake of the human race).

Shows like these are rather rare on TV, as largely-catastrophic plots are generally left for the silver screen. For this and for many other reasons, we expect The Last Man on Earth to become one of the best TV shows for geeks in 2015.



Airs on: PlayStation Network, March 10

Powers is based on the comic book series of the same name, which premieres this coming March exclusively on the PlayStation Network. It’s great to see video game consoles offering original programming for the first time, a clear indication of how much these machines have evolved over the decades.

Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim are two homicide detectives who thoroughly look into cases that involve superheroes and villains. Their job is much like that of regular detectives, with the exception that they investigate crimes strictly related to the aforementioned super-powered individuals.

If this doesn’t scream “Geek,” then we don’t know what does. We hope the series becomes a huge success, enough to bring it outside of the PlayStation Network for others to enjoy one day.


The Expanse

Airs on: SyFy, 2015

The Expanse is set to air on SyFy sometime in 2015, and we’re desperately waiting for more details on this geeky, space colonization journey. After all, when was the last time SyFy gave us something great that was remotely similar in setting? Yes, we’re looking at you, Stargate Universe.

The Expanse focuses on Josephus Miller, a detective responsible for finding a young heir by the name of Juliette Andromeda Mao. There appears to be a deteriorating relationship between Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt where Joseph’s civilization resides. However, their political and personal feuds are soon put aside when they realize that this missing woman is somehow connected to a potentially dangerous, life-changing conspiracy. Sounds like your cup of tea? Yeah, we hear you loud and clear.


CSI: Cyber

Airs on: CBS, March 4

CSI: Cyber shocked us in the sense that this franchise is generally old fashioned and grounded when it comes to murder mysteries. Now they are finally heading deep into the World Wide Web as they investigate internet-related crimes; these include cyber-theft, security-compromising activities, hacking, blackmail and everything in between.

The Cyber Crime Division is overseen by Ph.D cyber-psychologist Avery Ryan, with the help of a very geeky team at her disposal. It would be interesting to see how much the well-known series will captivate the internet-savvy audience. Let’s hope they can hack it this coming March on CBS.


The Whispers

Airs on: ABC, 2015

The Whispers is based on a 1951 short story penned by Ray Bradbury. If you are not familiar with it, just know that it has everything we love in epic sci-fi tales: Evil aliens and innocent children in harm’s way. Okay, fine, maybe that’s a little over the top.

In any case, the bad extraterrestrials are at it again (when are they not?) in an attempt to conquer planet Earth and wipe humanity from existence. Instead of executing their plans with superior firepower and spaceships, however, they are doing it rather quietly by befriending small children throughout the world.

These baddies are essentially disguising themselves as the children’s imaginary friends, covertly communicating with the young earthlings and brainwashing them. As suspicions later arise, FBI child specialist Claire Bennigan steps in to figure out whether this is merely child’s play or something far more sinister.

The plot clearly has potential, easily making it one of the best TV shows of 2015.



Airs on: Netflix, May – June

From the creators of The Matrix trilogy, Andy and Lana Wachowski bring us a promising science fiction drama that could prove quite popular among geeks of all shapes and sizes. The show tells the story of various people who are mentally linked to one another, and whom now share a violent and disturbing vision.

This mysterious incident attempts to bring them all together, but instead of getting along, it forces individuals to hate and even try to kill each other. Sense8 explores sensitive themes such as sexual orientation, lifestyles, bigotry and equality.

Thanks to the creators’ outstanding resumes, we’re confident that Sense8 could easily become one of our most anticipated series later this year.



Airs on: Xbox One and UK Channel 4, 2015

Humans reminds us a lot of past offerings like The Outer Limits, a show that often explored the dark consequences of our creations and discoveries.

Set in an advanced parallel present, Humans tells the story of a family that acquires a life-like robot as a house servant. While her primary duties include typical household chores, the family soon learns that she is capable of much more than she was programmed to perform. What dark secrets and agenda does she have in store?

The series marks Microsoft’s official entry into the Netflix model and digital scene, as it will be exclusively available on the Xbox One and the UK’s popular Channel 4.

This video provides an overview on how Microsoft is taking on Netflix with their new programming efforts:



Airs on: HBO, 2015

If you miss the originality of Firefly and Dollhouse, Westworld might be just the geeky TV show you’ve been waiting for.

While the plot remains somewhat vague at this point, it reportedly depicts a futuristic amusement park exclusively built for adults. Highly intelligent robots help fulfill every desire and fantasy you wish to act out, no matter how dark and twisted it might be. The series promises a rather futuristic plot and blends a western look and feel.

Westworld seems to be in good hands with Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams overseeing this intriguing HBO drama. Could this be the perfect cure for the aforementioned cult hits that Joss Whedon once brought us? We can’t wait to find out.



Airs on: SyFy, 2015 (rumored)

Among all the shows listed here, Krypton is perhaps the one with the greatest potential due to people’s vast familiarity with The Man of Steel. Additionally, the series’ plot is largely untapped, focusing on Superman’s grandfather many years before the planet’s eventual destruction.

In a world ruled by chaos, El has to fight to restore equality among the many citizens who are torn, insecure and hopeless about their home’s peace and prosperity. Expect to find plenty of special effects accompanied by a deep storyline that helps us understand planet Krypton’s rather obscure history.


Heroes Reborn

Airs on: NBC, 2015

The original Heroes was a major letdown toward the end of its run in 2010, but that still hasn’t stopped devoted fans from craving another take on the once-popular series.

Heroes Reborn is a 13-episode TV mini-series focusing on the lives of both new and past characters (including the mysterious Noah Bennet). We can expect some past controversies and plots to be revisited, although Heroes Reborn will be primarily treated as a reboot rather than a continuation of the series. For example, antagonist Sylar is no longer returning to the show to resume his murderous tendencies, and actor Zachary Levi will play a major role instead of Claire Bennet.

We are glad to have this beloved TV show back, albeit in limited form.


Honorable mentions: The Man in the High Castle, Wayward Pines, Jekyll and Hyde.

What are some of your most anticipated shows of 2015? If you want much more out of 2015, you might also like:

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