Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Geeks

Many people dream of a romantic diner by candlelight and a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day. Your geek usually can be satisfied with much less: a pack of Mountain Dew cans, free pizza delivery and small gizmos. But what does your geek REALLY want?

Usually your geek also has some ‘out of the world’ wishes and by that I do not mean save the planet or discover the new Pi but gadgets with a rather large price tag. Examples of science, perfect in design, assembly and function. We have assembled the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide for geeks.

Optimus Maximus Keyboard

The Optimus Maximus is the ultimate keyboard for every geek. With customizable OLED keys and reprogrammable for most games and applications your geek tells you that this keyboard will optimize his efficiency, workflow. In reality this is one of those keyboards everyone wants, but just unaffordable at almost $1700.
Be warned that the drooling will only increase with every further released screenshot of the Optimus Tactus keyboard. Still just a concept, but with multitouch technology, even more OLED and without keys. Can things get any shinier?

Golden iPhone

UK Based Goldenstrike will goldplate almost anything, even tables, but their most popular articles are without doubt the gold plated iPhones and iPod Touch and this at reasonable prices even. With this decoration you are guaranteed to have your iPhone stolen within the shortest amount of time!

£599 for the iPhone, £499 for the iPod Touch 32GB and £449.95 for the iPod Nano 4G.

Swarowski USB flash drive

Most USB sticks look horrible and are way too large. She will be in heaven when she opens a gift box with one of these Swarowski USB Keys in. Philips and Swarowski have collaborated on a range of computer accessories and offer USB drives, headsets and keyboards. Lots of bling for your bang.

Alternatively you can always go to Crystal Icing where they will put Swarowski crystals on about everything you have or send them, as long as you pay enough. Almost any bling Star of Hollywood fame belongs to their customer base.

Golden USB Stick with Diamonds

He might want his USB drives a little more discrete and stylish and opt for the golden 16GB USB drive with encrusted diamonds at 5650EUR.

ModBook Pro

As long as the folks at Infinite Loop 1 continue to be stubborn, only the ModBook from Axiotrom can realize the dream of the Apple Tablet. On the base of a new unibody MacBook Pro, with both pen and touch options, the Modbook Pro starts at $4998 and will make your geek extremely happy. Control the drool level!

Hasselblad H3DII-50

Every year again when one of the usual suspects, Canon and Nikon, release and upgrade their high-end DSLR camera models, geeks worldwide start drooling, but if they would be really honest and price were no restriction, there’s only one camera they want and that’s this one. The Hasselblad H3DII-50.
The 50MP 36x48mm sensor generates 300MB files at 1FPS and can be found from $27.995.

If price is an objection you can always settle for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II or the Nikon D3X, both available for less than $5000.

Pioneer SC-09TX (UK: SC-LX90) Multichannel Amplifier

After many hours of hard work (to pay all these gadgets obviously!) your geek of course wants to chill and sip a good drink, while listening to some audio or watch a movie. Because your geek always wants the best, preferably even technology which isn’t applied yet he dreams of this Pioneer SC-09TX cinema amplifier with 10x140Watt, delivered by a ‘pre’- and ‘power’ unit, all in a very sleek design. This amplifier has everything needed, is fully network capable and can upscale almost any imaginable videoformat. All for a meager $7000.

Bower & Wilkins 800-series Speakers Package

Now your geek can kick back with a powerful, deliciously sounding amplifier you obviously also need an appropriate set of speakers and these B7W 800 series speakers will blow you, and the neighbors, away.
When selecting a standard 7.2 speaker package consisting of 803D front speakers, ASW825 subwoofers, HTM2D center speaker and DS8S surround speakers, this will cost you easily another $30.000, but I promise you that you will enjoy listening to Apocalypto, one of the only Blu-ray releases with *7.1* soundtrack so far.

Marantz VP-11S1 1080p Projector

When being honest every geek will admit that HDTVs no part of their dreams are, but hopefully a soon to be realized perspective if they haven’t gotten one yet.
Instead they dream of FullHD quality projected on the wall, preferably from this Marantz VP-11S1 1080p DLP projector with 6500:1 contrast ratio. The image of this projector is amazing and the black in The Dark Knight are deep and one can even distinct different shades of grey from black.

Just admit it yourself, what is better than playing GTAIV on this setup? Oh, the projector costs $19.995.

Koenigsegg CCX

Last but not least your geek needs a car. A fast one. And that is the Koenigsegg CCX is a masterpiece of perfection and carbon fibre. 806BHP, 0-62 in 3.2 seconds and look at those doors! At top speed 245+ mph this gift will set you back around 540.000EUR.
The reason for the Koenigsegg is simple: every other nerd already has an Ascari or a Zonda!

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