Great Games You Can Play on Your Ultrabook

Gaming has reached new heights these days, with the average Jane and Joe even running the risk of being labeled as a gaming addict. With the proliferation of tablets and mobile game developers taking advantage of this, it really is no surprise that everyone has gotten into gaming.

While playing games on your tablet or phone is fun and more accessible, there is something to be said about gaming on a PC, even an ultrabook. If you are planning on getting one, first compare ultrabooks – click here. The advantage of ultrabooks is that they are light and thin, making them almost as portable as tablets.

There is, however, the “slight” problem of ultrabooks possibly not having enough power to run hardcore PC games, although with newer models, the problem is not that big. Also, there is no lack of ultrabook games from which you can choose. Check these out, and game to heart’s content.


Gish is an old game, launched in 2004. The game revolves around a tar ball, whose ultimate goal is to rescue his lady friend Brea. The appeal of the game is that it takes physics into consideration, making it a challenge to play.

You can download a demo here, to first make sure it will run on your ultrabook. And, as a plus, when you do buy Gish, you choose how much you pay!

World of Goo

World of Goo is a popular game for the iPad, and it does have a Windows version as well. If you’re not familiar with the game, the idea has some similarities to Gish – you play with goo, which is also a ball of tar. In this game, you also have to play nice with physics and engineering concepts so that you can get as many balls of goo as you can and progress on to the next levels.

You can get World of Goo for $20 – cross-platform and DRM free!

Age of Empires


One of the most loved PC games, Age of Empires run on ultrabooks. With ultrabooks having more than decent specs these days, many of them can run this popular game seamlessly. Just to be sure, however, check out the system requirements here.


Keeping it short and sweet: Minecraft is all about blocks, breaking them and placing them where you want. It’s based on a very simple principle, but the game has taken the gaming world by storm (16,403,667 games bought, PC and Mac combined). You’ve probably seen the plethora of Minecraft recreations of various worlds/scenes, and they do rock!

If you don’t have Minecraft yet, and you want it on your ultrabook, you can get it here for $26.95.

Bottom line: You can enjoy ultrabook games!

These are only some of the great ultrabook games that testify to the fact that these devices are quite powerful and need not hamper your gaming habits. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, and gaming is on your mind, don’t worry about an ultrabook not cutting it. If you’re not ditching your current ultrabook and you want to play games on it, just look at the minimum system requirements and then make some tweaks to the game settings so they’re on low (that includes resolution, of course).

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