After getting delayed for two weeks, Uncle from Another World Episode 5 will return to the screens this week. Here’s everything you need to know about the episode’s release.

Isekai Ojisan, known as Uncle From Another World, is one of the most loved Isekai animated shows of all time. The anime’s first episode aired on Netflix on July 6, 2022. Since then, it has entertained us with its hilarious comedy scenes. Unfortunately, the upcoming episode that was scheduled to release on August 3, 2022, was delayed.

Now, the time’s here when the fifth episode is approaching, and fans can’t wait to know what date and time will Uncle From Another World Episode 5 release on Netflix.

Uncle from Another World | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

Uncle from Another World | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

When does Uncle from Another World Episode 5 release?

Uncle From Another World Episode 5 will officially premiere on the local channels in Japan on Tuesday, August 17, 2022, at 10:00 PM. For International fans, Netflix has licensed the anime, and the upcoming episode of the show will premiere on the streaming giant on the same date. However, the release time will be different for different time zones. Well, the below time schedule is here to help you track the episode:

A Quick Recap of Uncle From Another World Episode 4?

Takafumi, Fujimiya, and Ojisan were seeing an old video where Takafumi was bullied by his classmates and was saved by Fujimiya. However, Fujimiya was embarrassed by her manly appearance in the video. She explained to Takafumi and Ojisan how feminine she looked when she was in middle school. She also showed them a picture of her and Takafumi. Ojisan took out his cellphone and started clicking pictures of the photograph.

Seeing this, Fujimiya tells Ojisan that she will send the picture to him through the mail, but the latter says that his phone doesn’t have a mail, message, or calling feature. He also continues saying that he is unfamiliar with the present world as he lived in another world for seventeen years.

Later, when Takafumi went for some work, Ojisan accidentally threw coffee at Fujimiya, and to protect her from getting injured, he froze her using his power. After that, he uses the spirit of fire to release her. When Fujimiya was changing clothes after taking a shower, Takafumi mistakenly enters the room and saw her.

Furthermore, Takafumi puts the red flag on the balcony upside down to call his Uncle. When Ojisan arrives, he tells him that he saw his female friend changing clothes, and now he wants to get rid of that memory. However, Fujimiya interferes and asks him not to do so.

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