Uncle From Another World anime premiered earlier this year and introduced us to a fantastic world with several interesting characters. So far, the anime series has delivered seven spectacular episodes, and now, fans eagerly await Episode 8’s release.

Throughout its broadcast, Uncle From Another World suffered several hiatus because of the ongoing COVID situation at the production studio. For that reason, the creators have delayed the release of Episode 8.

Uncle from Another World | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

Uncle from Another World | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

Uncle From Another World Episode 8 Gets A New Release Date

Initially, the anime series went on an indefinite hiatus, but fortunately, the official website recently confirmed that Episode 8 will now be released on November 25th, 2022. However, it’s important to note that the above release date is for local Japanese channels.

As of now, there’s no confirmation about the anime’s return on Netflix, but hopefully, we’ll hear something about that pretty soon. In fact, there’s a high possibility that Netflix will stream episode 8 shortly after its Japanese broadcast.

Of course, we are still two months away from getting a new episode on our screens, but it’s good to see that studio is prioritizing the safety of its employees instead of pushing them to work.

Also, until Episode 8’s release, Uncle From Another World will rebroadcast the first seven episodes of the anime. The rebroadcast started on September 7th (Episode 3), and it will last until October 5th, the day Episode 7 will go live on the local channel. Since the anime will return in November, it’s safe to assume that the studio will continue the rebroadcast trend until they are ready to release Episode 8.

The studio is clearly working hard to bring the anime back to its weekly schedule. And hopefully, everything will be back on track starting November 25th. In that case, we’ll get new episodes every week until season 1 ends.

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