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Underworld: Blood Wars - Legacy Trailer

You know what I was just NOT saying? The world needs another Underworld movie. And I really hope it has a craptastically generic subtitle like Blood Wars. I was just NOT syaing that and look what appeared! Honestly, if I put on one of these movies and didn’t let you know which one was on, do you really think you could guess accurately? Not trying to demean the franchise, as I would watch Kate Beckinsale in latex do nothing for nine hours at a time if I could,  just saying what we are all thinking.

After the first Underworld movie, all the others just became the same, long movie. Resident Evil (cinematic) follows the same basic M.O. Put a pretty lady in latex for 90 minutes and she could be fighting a frying pan, the geeks will come, both literally and figuratively. Funny, in both cases hubby either directs or has directed. I guess my thought is, if it ain’t broken (as much as I hate to use words that aren’t words, like ain’t), don’t fix it. In the case of the Underworld movies, they clearly have not.

But there has to be an audience for this movie or these movies would end up not getting made. And my thought is, if anyone is going out and paying to see Kate Beckinsale in latex, it is probably geeks, so this place is the perfect home for this new Underworld trailer.

and doesn’t Bloody Wars sound like a really crap, old Sega game or something?


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