Unfair Comparisons?

Stormwatch DCnU #1, Brave New World indeed!

After I reviewed Moonstone’s Omega Paradox purely on the strength of the cover, Mark Sparacio kindly sent me a copy of the zero issue. Now I have to admit, the comic book itself is beautiful, especially the colouring, although I find the lettering to be a little oversized. What troubles me however, for what is supposed to be a taster issue, is that the plot, or even a basic context for the action, seems to have remained in the mind of the writer. In sixteen pages, we see five people who clearly cannot stand each other, working to kidnap some guy and failing, then arguing about it. Elements of each characters’ personality sine through, but not enough to build a good picture of any single one of them, and none provide a viewpoint for the others to reflect upon. The reason why they are pursuing this ‘Quintoro’ is only said to be at the whim of their rather intemperate master. There is no setting, the action occurs in total isolation Speaking of characters not really getting along, the main DCnU title that I was looking forward to was released this week. Stormwatch, basically The Authority by any other name, had the unusual inclusion of the Martian Manhunter, but Paul Cornell has managed to wrap our favourite Martian into a centuries long brotherhood that protects the world from all threats that even Grant Morrison’s JLA would have found a little too big and a little too weird. (And that’s saying something!) However, despite the similar confusion that the opening pages reveal, where Stormwatch benefits over Omega Paradox is the familiarity of the characters. In one speech bubble, J’onn J’onnz’ presence makes sense. A newer project like Paradox requires a lot more exposition, or a sympathetic character at the very least. Unfortunately Moonstone’s offering delivers neither. That’s not to say I won’t be picking up the issue one when it hits the shelves, I just regret that I learnt more from from the solicitation than I did from reading the issue itself. Yet the two combined, alongside the stunning art have made me a convert. On the note of the DCnU however, as much as I recommend Stormwatch, a couple of panels in Hawk and Dove piqued my attention. Hawk reveals that his brother Don died in the Crisis. As in the Crisis On Infinite Earths. As in – you what? So much for the clean break. I think I would have been happier if the entire history had been wiped. So, the bets are on. Who is Donna Troy (this time)? Can Hawkman’s history be simplified? Should it?

I’m informed that Omega Paradox #1 should be in comic book shops October 12th or 19th, with adjustments to the colour so that it is not so saturated or dark. Shame in a way, I really liked the depth of colour.

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