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16 Upcoming Comic Book Movies We're Most Excited For

Comic book movies have taken over at the cinema and no one with a brain and a pair of eyes that work would argue that point. We know we will have basic things via the movies every year. Some horror, some science fiction, some drama, some action, some animation, and so on. But now we can add “upcoming comic book movies” to that list, too, as it seems yearly we are getting inundated with comic book movies, some good, some not so good (looking at you Jesse Eisenberg), but we KNOW they are coming.

Comic book flicks are like stampeding elephants. You can sense and feel them coming before you see them. But unlike what I thought was going to happen in 2017 (comic book movie burnout) hasn’t yet (though I don’t know how), so now we do have a bevy of upcoming comic book movies that actually still look kind of dope.

Technically, one some of us fans have dreamt about and thought we would never see done right on screen (the Infinity War, WHAT?!). These look like the best upcoming comic book movies to us. Hope you all agree. Justice League is not on here as it will be out this year, but please consider that entry unofficial, and yes, we are pumped for it.

Now, more comic book movies we are genuinely excited for.

Upcoming Comic Book Movies 2018 Edition

1. Joker Origin Story (TBA)

To start this list with a movie that has no main actor or even a release date is ballsy to say the least, but to pretend there is any comic book movie in the near future I am more excited for than the Joker origin story would be lying. About f*cking time the clown prince of crime for a stand-alone movie, finally giving the fans what they have clamored (and in my case, written) about for years.

Although I did think Jared Leto brought a really cool psycho-sexual energy to the character, the news he will be recast and played POTENTIALLY by Leo DiCaprio has me drooling right now. Just pray they won’t hire some shithead actor and crappy director and ruin the best villain of all time. This is another upcoming comic book movie that BETTER land an R-rating, just saying.

Moving on to something we will DEFINITELY see come out next year…

2. Black Panther (June)

It sounds odd to say but there is truth in the whole “African Americans have not been represented well in comics” argument. Even old Luke Cage comics would have you cringing at the “ebonics” they had him talk in, but the movement has advanced, and Black Panther will drive that home with a Batman like ferocity.

Though many of us already met him in Civil War (and he stole a lot of the show TBH), we are definitely ready for a full-on Black Panther movie, so the timing for this film is perfect. And that suit i is just dope, let’s be honest.

3. New Mutants (April)

Grew up reading this comic and this is another one I never thought they would have made into a superhero movie, so shows you what I know. (Yes, mutants are superheroes, let’s not argue over the little details like Marvel and DC did). The weird part is the rumor that this movie is gonna have a horror vibe to it (as they first said when they announced the film).

If anything, that means it will feature teenagers slowly figuring out their powers and it freaking them out at first, them being ostracized for being “monsters” then they will band together and connect into the team we know and love.

Could be very cool.

4. Avengers 3: Infinity War (May)

Holy Crap, I remember when I read the Infinity Gauntlet series in high school with Thanos getting control of all the infinity gems and making the gauntlet and ultimately becoming an evil God in the Marvel U and I LOVED IT. It was dark and twisted and just mature enough to captivate me and keep me intrigued.

This movie will be based loosely on that same storyline, and it is what Marvel’s cinematic U has been building to this whole time. In Infinity War, we will see MOST of the major Marvel characters in this film (rumor is 978 superheroes make an appearance) with the rumor that some major characters will die as well.

And like, die for real. Not DC die.

OOOOOh, burn!

5. Deadpool 2 (June)

They had me at Zazie Beetz as Domino. That woman is insanely talented, and if you know her work you know and the love-hate-love chemistry between her and Reynolds is gonna be palpable (don’t think it is hard to have act charmed by Ryan Reynolds, the man has a gift).

On top of that, Deadpool is up there with the best comic book movies ever released, without question, so many of us are eager to see if this one can surpass what is already considered perfection. I have a feeling they can.

Quick shout-out to the team making this, I know a stunt woman died on set and always tends to dampen vibes (with good reason). Sending good vibes to the people involved and especially her family.

Sorry to get too heavy there, let’s lighten the tone a bit.

6. Incredibles 2 (June)

Nowhere in the intro or title of this article did I imply all the superheroes on this list would be Marvel or DC creations only. That is never even touched upon, so if you are shocked right now, that is due to your own expectations and nothing I have said.

Yes, Incredibles 2 makes the list BIG TIME. Hell, so does Big Hero 6 part 2, but I am focusing on Incredibles because, well, it kind of set the tone for all the superhero team-up movies you see now, and I am pretty sure 90% of them wouldn’t work as well had The Incredibles nailed that balance between drama, pathos, and humor so damn perfectly first time out.

Truth is, this is one of the sequels I am most excited for on the list, not even gonna play.

7. Ant-Man and the Wasp  (July)

Ant-Man, in many ways, might be the most accessible Marvel film to date. Meaning, you can show it to anyone, comic fans or not, and they will find it mostly enjoyable and easy to follow. It is fun and funny, which is what made Deadpool work so well, too, and it is really hard not to like Paul Rudd. He just permeates the whole “do I REALLY belong here?” vibe really well.

And let’s be real, seems like the whole first movie was a slow and elaborate set-up for us to fall in love with Wasp. Let’s just hope her fate fairs better than her mother’s.

8. Venom (October)

Wait a second. This is a straight up science-fiction, horror movie that, though the same character we know and fear from Spider-Man, is going to take place in space and Tom Hardy is going to play Venom, finally fighting Carnage (like many of us have demanded and dreamt of for so long)? PLUS they are going for a hard R-rating with violence and blood galore and NO SPIDER-MAN INVOLVEMENT OR CONNECTION WHATSOEVER?


This WILL be the best comic book movie of 2018 (even though it is not based on a comic but rather, a character from a comic), mark my words. Tom Hardy is an acting God and I have a feeling the end result will blow some minds.

9. X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga (November)

Now to the movie I am honestly LEAST excited about on the list. Gotta be honest, I write AND review. I am not a big fan of Sansa Stark as Dark Phoenix (she doesn’t emote at all, she has one emotion and it’s ‘meh’) but that doesn’t mean I am not ready for give Fox another shot at potentially getting this story right for ONCE (they f*cked it up BADLY last time).

But following up the last “X-Men movie” (Logan) with this immediately puts this on the bottom of the pile because how do you top Logan?

That shit was perfect.

10. Spider-Man Animated (December)

Why they won’t gives the Miles Morales character his own actual movie, I don’t know (I blame racism because racism), but at least he will be getting a full length animated feature by Sony next year, and if this is as close as we will ever come to a Miles Morales Spider-Man movie, we will accept it, albeit begrudgingly.

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Will be curious to see what kind of push Sony puts behind this film or if it just kinda falls off the radar. Either way, I love the character and will keep you all posted.

11. Aquaman (December)

This is one we file under “Upcoming comic book movies that have BALLS”! Jason Momoa is taking what was once seen as the LEAST COOL comic character ever (with the worst powers ever) and turning him into the scariest, most intense alpha male ever looks like an absolute trip. He even looks like he treats the rest of the team mostly like shit, too, which is a unique twist on the character that has many, like me, very curious to see if someone can, indeed, make Aquaman cool.

I almost said, “make cool again”. Hahahaha, no “again” here. He’s never been cool. Just finally make him cool, please?

And yes, I know he can summon sharks and Cthulhu and shit so no need to defend a fictitious dude in the comments. He is okay with all this, I’m sure.

12. Flash: Flashpoint (TBA)

Now we are hitting the TBA’s which gives us even less to speculate on. We know this is the Flash’s solo movie and from what we have seen, he steals many of the scenes he is featured in during the Justice League trailer (and what we saw if him in Dawn of Justice), so we are eagerly awaiting his first solo outing.

Plus, Ezra Miller is an awesome actor and his take on the Flash is a lot of fun (think more Spider-Man than Flash and you get it).

13. Batgirl (TBA)

A solo Batgirl movie directed by Joss Whedon? You don’t say? I will admit, after the Ben Affleck Batman fallout I did not expect to hear about so many Bat movies (not complaining, love that universe) but with this one, a lot comes down to story and casting, honestly.

At least in the movies above, we know who is playing whom, but once you start praising a movie without a script or star, you might be getting ahead of yourself.

Still, my bat ears are perked for more news on this one. This is an upcoming comic book movie indeed and has a place on the list here, it’s just an upcoming comic book movie that is very far away.

14. Green Lantern Corps (TBA)

Just like the film mentioned above, what can I say here other than I hope they can manage to erase the crap that was the first Green Lantern movie (you know it’s bad when the star himself makes fun of it in his NEXT comic book movie, which is just what Ryan Reynolds did in Deadpool).

Still, sounds like DC are trying to undo the damage they did, and here’s hoping they can because the Green Lantern Corps are f*cking awesome (think space police).

15. Wonder Woman 2

We know the first movie just came out and just showed the world that DC does, indeed, still have it in them to make great superhero movies. Gal Gadot was perfectly cast, and the first film exceeded our expectations by miles. Not because we didn’t have faith in Gadot, DC just hadn’t hit any out-of-the-park home-runs in recent memory so a lot of people went into Wonder Woman expecting to be let down and weren’t whatsoever.

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Also, at this point, I could watch Gal Gadot fold clothes and I would sit and sigh, not to undermine her talent at all but the woman is just utterly stunning, even other women can admit it. She is very easy to look at.

16. Joker and Harley (TBA)

Take all my money, tell me where I need to sign, I will donate a pint of blood, whatever it takes to make this movie happen, I will do. And make no mistakes, I NEED this to be Jared Leto and Margot Robbie – Joker and Harley Quinn. They were the best thing about Suicide Squad and the chemistry between the two was palpable.

So show us the whole thing. Extend that origin story from Suicide Squad into about 100 more minutes, and please, give us more of purple Lamborghini. Man, I would literally f*ck that car.

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