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19 Horror Movies We're Looking Forward to in 2019

Are you sick and tired of all the funny positive cookie-cutter superhero movies (save for the one with the purple alien) last year? Well, unfortunately, that is not about to stop anytime soon because Marvel/Disney is on a monopolistic rampage. What you can do is wash off that palette by experiencing other emotions in other movie genres, such as horror. Luckily, horror movies 2019 are promising and will scare you.

What’s awesome about the horror genre is that it remains unmonopolized. That means fresh new ideas every year from different directors and studios. It is probably safe to say that last year also ended with a bang thanks to Netflix and a certain movie about birds in boxes. Since last year ended strong, the bar has been raised. We can also expect good things for 2019 horror movies and by good, we mean scary good.

So prepare those pumpkins (and wallets) because these horror movies are about to bring a premature Halloween. Here’s a list of 19 upcoming horror movies that we are looking forward to and that you also should keep an eye out for:

1. The Final Wish (January 24)

Wishes can be as bad as they are good, and this is what the Final Wish is all about. It follows the story of a grief-stricken mother and his son who finds a mysterious object while going through his deceased dad’s things. Apparently, it grants wishes but with a nasty cost.

2. St. Agatha (February 8)

Disappointed by The Nun? Well, you do not need demons to turn a nun into a horror object. All you need is some sinister plotting and bigotry. St. Agatha follows the story of a pregnant unwed woman seeking shelter in a shady convent. Turns out, the nuns there are a lot more evil than they appear.

3. Happy Death Day 2U (February 14)

A sequel to the smash hit Happy Death Day which involves a sorority girl, Tree who was lucky (or unlucky) enough to be able to reset her day every time she dies. This time around, her killer apparently rose back from the dead and it’s back to square one with Tree.

4. The Turning (February 22)

Steven Spielberg is certainly one of the most acclaimed and celebrated directors of all time. So we are stoked to hear that he wants to get involved again in another horror film. He is producing The Turning, which is a direct adaptation of Henry James’s 1898 novel The Turn of the Screw. Essentially, a classic tale of a nanny looking after two kids in a spooooky house, babysitter horror has nothing on this one.

5. The Hole in the Ground (March 1)

Don’t you just hate it when a massive sinkhole in the middle of the forest makes your son disappear only to make him reappear again but he seems like a different creature? That is exactly what happens to a mother in The Hole in the Ground, a reputable horror film which will also be having its Sundance premiere this year.

6. Us (March 15)

Who could forget comedy genius Jordan Peele’s 2017 horror hit, Get Out? It was a sign of many good things to come from Peele. Hence, his next black powerhouse cast horror, “Us,” will surely be one for the books. Peele does promise this one to be as thought-provoking as Get Out and centers around two couples’ families, one white and one black.

7. Pet Sematary (April 4)

You can’t go wrong with Stephen King. While his 1983 novel of the same name has already been adapted into a film back in 1989, a reboot or remake is badly needed for this title. The premise is pretty familiar; a family moves into a new place and finds out that the real estate agent forgot to mention dark forces in the neighborhood.

8. The Curse of Llarona (April 15)

By now, any horror movie enthusiast will surely know of James Wan. While Wan has moved on to fry some bigger fish in the form of the Aquaman movie, he still gives much love to the horror genre. The Curse of Llarona is set to be produced by Wan and essentially features a ghost from Mexican folklore who wants to claim another mom’s children as her own.

9. Brightburn (May 24)

Have you ever thought that Superman’s origin story was too good and simply too lucky for his Earth foster parents? Brightburn may have something to say about that and twists what an alien baby landing on Earth should be like. No, it does not grow up to be a superhero who will ruin Justice League with his mustache CGI, it’s actually a malevolent creature… okay, that’s not too bad.

10. Grudge (June 21)

The Japanese do know how to make their horror, perhaps even better than Americans, hence the Western adaptations. However, Hollywood never quite gets it right. Still, that does not stop them from making more adaptations of Japanese classics. Next up is the conservatively titled Grudge, which is a remake of the American adaptation or the Japanese classic.

11. Child’s Play (June 21)

Photo by Black Girl Nerds

Chuckie is the undisputed king of creepy and murderous dolls. So when Annabelle tried to take that crown, the profane male doll rose from his moldy burnt grave to show her who’s boss. Hence, the Child’s Play remake is happening and looks as promising as horror movies 2019 come.

12. 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter (June 28)

You know what’s scarier than ghosts? Sharks. Perfect predators of the sea who will chomp you to bits, keeping you alive enough for the terror to set in before you bleed to death and end up in its belly. Nah, just kidding, we actually kill more sharks than the other way around. However, that does not stop 47 Meters Down, 2016’s surprise shark hit, from having a sequel.

13. Annabelle 3 (July 3)

Photo by Revenge of The Fans

Dolls are creepy already and the Annabelle franchise reinforces that sentiment. The second Annabelle was one heck of horror success after the disastrous first movie. Hopefully, Annabelle 3, whose actual title remains unconfirmed, continues that success.

14. The New Mutants (August 2)

The X-Men franchise never really got the acclaim it aimed for so much. In fact, Wolverine has been hogging all the success since the franchise was adapted to the big screen. So, The New Mutants gives a new twist to the X-Men by making it a spin-off horror movie. It does look more promising than what 20th Century Fox did to the X-Men.

15. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (August 9)

Produced by the acclaimed Guillermo del Toro, who himself has had a string of successful horror films, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is also best on a best selling international book series. It follows a group of young teens trying to solve a string of murders in their town. Basically, watch anything that involves del Toro.

16. It: Chapter 2 (September 6)

Photo by MovieWeb

We can never have enough of horrific and murderous clowns in our lives. So here comes It: Chapter 2 to shatter that lovely bittersweet ending from the first movie. They’re all adults now, though, but Pennywise does not care, he’s still crazy for them, and we are still crazy for him/her/IT.

17. Zombieland 2 (October 11)

Photo by Slash Film

Okay, so the first Zombieland might actually not be considered a horror for all you horror purists out there, but it is still a zombie movie. It still counts. So like it or not, Zombieland 2 is happening and continues the story of four misfit survivors of the zombie apocalypse along with all the blood, gore, and comedy. Watch out for a zombie Bill Murray (hopefully).

18. Are you afraid of the dark (October 11)

Photo by Consequence of Sound

A lot of us millennials grew up watching Nickelodeon’s hit ’90s horror anthology. Now, they are making a movie out of it! Unfortunately, the plot details are quite limited and scarce, though Paramount did set for an end of 2019 release, hopefully, they stick to that schedule.

19. 3 From Hell (TBA)

Photo by Dread Central

A proper follow-up to director Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects from 2005. It continues where the last movie left off; with three degenerate and murderous lunatics squaring off with the police. Apparently, this one is going to be different but will hopefully still include the gore, violence, sleaze, and dark humor.

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