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20 Reasons 2018 Will Be A Banner Year for Geeks and Nerds

2017 was a damn fine year to be a geek. From the newest Star Wars being fantastic (and actually NEW) and games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild just being perfect, we couldn’t fail. Second season of Stranger Things was fun and creepy, and we even got some great new reading material to mine. But what about 2018? Are the upcoming games for 2018 going to be as good as 2017? What about the caliber of fantasy books or science fiction books that come out? Will they be as good? And what about the upcoming movies 2018, can they possibly surpass It and The Last Jedi from 2017?

Everyone, relax.

2018 is gonna be another banner year for geeks, and I am about to give you 20 reason as to why.

20) Solo (Han Solo Prequel Movie)

You cannot mention upcoming movies 2018 and not instantly wonder about Solo, the new Han Solo prequel that WAS being directed by the Millers (Phil and Chris of Lego movie fame) and is now being directed by Ron Howard (from Happy Days).

Little is known so far and firing directors (which Disney has already done three times in the last five years) isn’t a good sign, but with Donald Glover as young Lando Calrissian, I am fully on board and I know you are, too.

Yes, we WILL finally see the Kessel run, confirmed.

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

19) Robots vs Fairies (Yes, This is a New Book Coming in 2018)

What the Hell do I need to say to sell you on this? It is a book about little fairies battling robots. If that is not something that excites you, I worry about your future and the future of your family.

Also, just so we are on the same page, this is EXACTLY the kind of shit you see get made into movies lately, so don’t be surprised if this one gets snatched up right away.

18) A Way Out (Co-Op Jail Escape Video Game)

I will be the first person to say, multiplayer has not yet been tapped to its full potential. While PVP is fun, working together is really where the fun is to be had in multiplayer, and A Way Out looks like the perfect fix to fill that multiplayer void.

You are two people, making a jail escape together, but the kicker is, each person will get opportunities to screw the other player over or not. So it could really be a fun team effort to escape or a game of backstabbery (which is always a blast, too).

17) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Jurassic World Sequel)

Jurassic World was fun. It took the Jurassic series back to what it did best. Slightly scared and very entertained is how many people felt during the film.

And judging from the scale of the new trailer, Fallen Kingdom looks like it will be quite the spectacle (just the trailer in full 3D before Last Jedi was a trip).

Side note, as epic as it all looks, the trailer footage is actually said to be from the FIRST ACT of the movie, so methinks some Dinosaurs are gonna be swimming to America.

This shit could get cray-cray, squared.

16) Batman: Nightwalker (An Actual Batman BOOK, Not Comic)

I know people don’t normally think of Batman when they think of fantasy books, but think about it. He is essentially a knight (a DARK one) who fights “dragons” (Killer Croc anyone?) and defends the justice of the people. And this is even cooler because it is a book,  meaning when you read it, YOU get to visually imagine everything how YOU want to see it, and not how an artist has already portrayed it.

Plus, the author Marie Lou has done some great work in the past and anything to do with Batman will ALWAYS make my lists.

15) Anthem (New Game from Bioshock Creators)

We have all been chomping at the bit to find out what the next game from Ken Levine is gonna be post Bioshock series, and we now know it will be Anthem. What we know is, it is a multiplayer space shooter of some sort, but as far as any story or hooks about gameplay, we know next to nothing outside of the name and it has jetpacks.

But we do know this is Ken Levine, so there is very little chance this game won’t be fantastic, no matter what it ends up playing like or the story it tells.

But seriously, jetpacks FTW.

14) The Immortalists (Fantasy Book)

Imagine being told the exact day you would die, yet being told it in your childhood and being expected to live a normal life anyway? That is exactly what happens to the “gold children” in this upcoming novel that is getting a lot of hype.

Does knowing when you will die affect when or how you will die? Do you live a different life as a result? Are you scared or do you embrace it? This book by Chloe Benjamin is sure to answer some of those questions and more.

13) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Animated Movie)

It is about damn time Marvel stepped up its animated game to match the caliber of DC animated movies out there. And if you have seen the above trailer, you already know this looks even better than Homecoming.

Featuring Miles Morales Spider-Man who eventually crosses paths with Peter Parker and finds out about the Spider-Verse.

For those who don’t know, there are about 200 Spider-Men, and we BETTER see Spider-Ham, Peter Porker in this movie (no joke, he is very much a real and awesome character. He is essentially Porky Pig Spiderman, and who in their right mind wouldn’t love that concept?).

12) Detroit: Become Human (Sci-Fi Video Game)

Heavy Rain was an awesome, interactive movie experience, and I have followed the developers of that game closely since. They do very unique things with their games and Detroit: Become Human looks like it is gonna take the idea of “branching storylines based on your decisions” to new heights.

Watch the above video to get a better sense of just how intense and different this game will be for every person who plays it. There are like 200 outcomes to every decision you make in this game, ultimately and potentially making it one the most replayable titles ever made.

11) The New Mutants (Marvel Comics Turned YA Horror Movie)

The New Mutants was actually one of my favorite comics from the 90’s, so when I heard they were making it into a horror movie, I was a bit confused. (It is about a younger group of mutants coming into their own),  but once I saw the trailer, it clicked, and I got excited.

Think about it, if you were a kid who could randomly burst into flames or see into other dimensions, can you see how horrifying that would be from the aspect of the child?

Also looks like they are using some Stranger Things tropes (with a star from the show even in the movie itself) with the idea of our own Govt. trying to figure out how to use these kids as weapons.

Yup, I am SO there. And the cast is stellar considering it is all young actors and actresses.

10) Castle Rock (Hulu TV Show Based on ALL of Stephen King’s Work)

Yes, you just read that correctly. There aren’t many TV shows on this list because TV shows come and go and we are so inundated with good TV right now it is hard to suggest any more.

BUT, (and you know how I love me some butt)…

This is a TV show that will take place in Castle Rock, Maine, where all of Stephen King’s stories are from (Derry from IT is IN Castle Rock), and the show is being assembled and produced by J.J. Abrams who has YET to truly let me down once.

The kid who plays IT has signed on for show, BTW, so get excited. This is gonna be fangtastic (I deserve to get fired over that pun).

9) God Particle (Continued Journey into Cloverfield Universe)

21 Cloverfield Lane may not have tied up the original Cloverfield with the new one in any meaningful way (spoiler alert, J.J is just snatching up GOOD Sci-Fi scripts and saying they all take place in the Cloverfield universe, which is a smart business move, if not a little shady) but I love his work so he gets a “get out of jail free” card.

God Particle is about a team of scientists that discovered something otherworldly on a space expedition and must fight for survival as their minds begin to break (with the rumors of a potential End-of-the-World scenario being a heavy theme here.)

But Abrams knows what makes for good sci-fi movies and God Particle dropping early in 2018 is one to keep an eye out for.

8) Far Cry 5 (Video Game about  Killing Trump Supporters)

That line up there was a joke so relax. But really, this new Far Cry from Ubisoft does take place in the South and carries a lot of those pre-civil war beliefs from the cult who are the antagonists of the game. Anyone who has played the last couple Far Cry games can tell you, this series is, if nothing else, fun as hell.

It is a sandbox they just kinda give you explosive toys and a wingsuit and let you loose in. And the idea of taking out ignorant, religious zealots is kind of exciting to me, I won’t lie (only because I know I am not alone in that thought).

Far Cry 5 is up there for 2018 video games I am buying the day they drop (only to later be punished by the full release of the game at the end of the year for the same price plus all the DLC included for free).


I would be lying right to your face if I chose to talk about upcoming movies 2018 and NOT mention The Predator. Written and directed by Shane Black (who is one of the best writers in Hollywood and actually had a small role in original film), this film is set to drop right around Summer in 2018, and from the cast to the concept (sequel of some kind, not a reboot), fans of the Predator character like me who have been waiting to see another one since the (frankly, decent) Predators are now finally getting our fix.

And if Shane Black does his usual thing (which is magic), this will be the best in the series since part one, hands down.

6) God of War (Reboot of Awesome PS Game Franchise)

When you play the God of War series is not unlike reading a bunch of epic fantasy books. You fight through gods and titans and Greecian creatures of all shapes and sizes. But the new God of War looks insane.

Gone is the far away camera angle, replaced by an over-the-shoulder view more akin to Resident Evil 4, and as lame as it may sound on paper, your son is along for the journey (again, like Ashley in RE4, oddly enough) but don’t think this as a visual retread of that game or a 20 hour escort mission, developers have promised it is neither of those things and very much still the God of War we all know and love.

This does look like a wholly new game that is far more immersive than prior entries, though, and based on graphics alone, this one is gonna be flying off the shelves if it is, indeed, released in 2018 like it is supposed to be and not delayed like all great games seem to be these days.

5) Black Panther (Marvel Movie)

About damn time. Never sure why the African American superhero was always so scary to white America, but apparently he was because it took to 2017 and 2018 for them to truly and finally get a chance to shine (Luke Cage and now Black Panther). And come on, the trailer for Black Panther is making this look like it could be one of the best Marvel movies yet (which after Thor 3, Deadpool, and Logan is REALLY saying something).

Honestly, you have some time before the movie drops, catch up on Black Panther’s most recent Marvel run of the comic to whet your appetite for this badass.

Gonna say it now. Black Panther will be Marvel’s The Dark Knight. Mark my words (and feel free to MOCK them if the movie somehow sucks).

4) The Winds of Winter (George R.R. Martin Finally Catches Up His Own HBO Series)

Listen, I know some true, diehard Game of Thrones fans are kinda pissed off about this, and they kind of have a right to be. They SAW scenes play out that they waited YEARS to read, and saw them before they got to read them (this book will be last few seasons we just saw of show). Had I read the books first, I would feel the same way.


The truth is, Martin has said, on record, that not everything will play out the exact same across the books and show (though you KNOW the Hodor thing is gonna be the same because that is what George does, kills those we love). But if anything, approach this latest Game of Thrones book on its own for what it is.

Oh, and sorry, George will delay this book again until 2019 cuz he is busy getting drunk and paid and laid, but it is supposed to come out in 2018, so it makes the cut.

And yes, he is getting laid looking how he looks. Having a million in cash on you at all times is a powerful aphrodisiac to some women, or so I’ve heard.

3) Days Gone (Apocalyptic Survival Game)

This game looks like World War Z crossed with The Last of Us. If those two things mixing doesn’t do something magical to your insides, you are one those people who hate unicorns.

Seriously though, this game looks like it is filled with pathos and broodiness when you are not trying outrun a massive herd of dead people trying to tear you apart by the hundred. Though a lot of great games are set to drop in 2018, I would be lying if I were to say Days Gone is not near the top of my list.

I just pray it can live up to the hype my mind is creating for it.

2) Avengers: Infinity War (This One Needs NO Explanation)

You mention upcoming movies 2018 that geeks are excited for, few movies next year have us frothing like the next Avengers movie, Infinity War. Just the simple fact that 2,186 Marvel characters are going to be in the movie (that might be a slight exaggeration) will be worth the costly price of admission on its own.

Plus, we know one or two or nine of the characters we love are gonna die because they are making way for phase three and four of their movies, which is set to change the entire Marvel cinematic universe.

I will say this. If Jessica Jones and Luke Cage don’t show up, I am gonna be pissed. Don’t make awesome TV shows with awesome Marvel characters only to exclude them from the real good shit. That would be very DC of them.

Please note all the Easter Egg-hidden characters from the trailer I reveal above. I cannot believe DAN is gonna be in this movie. The GREATEST Marvel character EVAR gets his moment to shine, FINALLY! 

1) Red Dead Redemption 2 (The GREATEST Game of ALL TIME, Not Yet Released)

We CAN NOT talk about video games 2018 and not mention what will be the best video game ever made.

Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption is the greatest video game ever made, hands down (though Last of Us is DAMN close) and the simple fact that we get to go back to the old west (and most likely get to play some of the bad guys John rolled with before the last game) will be a phenomenal thing to experience, and might be the single thing I am looking most forward to in 2018, which, now that I see that in print makes me realize how sad my life is.

But this game is gonna rock balls. We all know it, so this is where a mic should be dropped if people still do that sort of thing.

So what game or movie or show or book are YOU most excited for in 2018? Take to our comments and let us KNOW!

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