Upcoming Wii Games that will kick ass!

By Mel

My Nintendo Wii has been left unused for the past two months. One reason is the amount of work that I had to contend with over the last few months. Everything just came to a head two months ago and I have been so swamped that all of my hobbies had to take a backseat. The second reason for my Wii’s inactivity is the relatively low number of play-worthy games that have come out. I’ve become a very picky gamer of the years. If a game does not grab my attention in the first twenty minutes I will be hard pressed to pick it up again. No More Heroes was the last cool Wii game I played.

But things are beginning to pick up for Wii fans. Just last month, Super Smash Brothers Brawl was finally released and it proved to be an awesome game. Now, a spate of new games are in the horizon and I am so excited about it.

First off is the Wii port of the Sega Dreamcast classic Samba de Amigo. This was one of the first “bemani”-style games to be released in consoles. The gameplay basics are simple, you play your maracas (in this case your Wiimote and nunchuk) in time with the music and the prompts on screen. This is going to be a  mega successful game if Nintendo manages to port it successfully.

Another cool game in the horizon is Super Mario Kart Wii. I am quite excited to try online races with players from all over the world. I had a lot of fun playing online in Mario Kart DS and I am pretty sure the same level of gameplay will be brought to the Wii.

Of course, for a guy who needs to watch his weight, nothing could be more huge than the imminent release of WiiFit. This is the one game/peripheral combo that could rival Rockband in my list of must-have items to buy. I am definitely going to get this on launch day — well, my wife will. She vowed to get this for me so I can finally haul my ass off from my chair and start exercising regularly. Who knew a game console could actually do that?

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