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If you follow games much, you probably know that we are heading into what will probably the biggest video game holiday season in history, especially on the 360.  With the mega-launch of BioShock a month ago and the uber-launch of Halo 3 a week or so back, and with the long litany of games coming soon, it’s a great (and bank-busting) time to be a gamer.

In an effort to drive their customers (myself included) even further into debt, companies have begun to offer some pretty sweet Collector’s Editions for their games.  BioShock had a Big Daddy statue along with a music CD, and Halo 3 came with a ton of extra content on an enclosed DVD, as well as a nifty Master Chief helmet replica.  And I’m proud to say I own them both.

This one, though, I won’t be getting.  The forthcoming Mass Effect Collector’s Edition will contain an art book, a second DVD with behind-the-scenes documentaries about the making of the game, and a fiction book, Galactic Codex: Essentials.  So if you want to give your thumbs a break from the game, you can pick back up in the paperback.  Books…whoopty-poo.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to read, but…come on, that just ain’t that cool.  Mass Effect hits stores November 20.

We want action figures.  And that’s where the Assassin’s Creed Collector’s Edition comes in.  Not only will it contain the obligatory BTS videos, but it comes with a cool 12-inch figurine of the game’s hero.  It’s due November 13.

Now…I’ve just got to take out a second mortgage to pay for all this stuff.

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