Upping The Game, Infinity and Beyond!

Now that the Age of Ultron has finished and Infinity is on the horizon, the blogs are replete with suggestions as to what mash-ups or guest-stars we may see in the upcoming months.

Galactus abroad in the Ultimate Universe. The return of Peter Porker, Marvel Apes or Duckworld. Angela gate-crashing the Marvel Universe, as second choice to Rom.

Rom? Of all people? Not that this writer would not adore the return of Rom, but do we really want him to become a Mar-Vell style messiah like we saw in the Earth X trilogy? Speaking of Mar-Vell, whatever happened to that Skrull with the identity issues we last saw in Secret Invasion?

I have written of my own joy at the return of the New Universe icons in the current pages of the Avengers, and it would be nice to see all of it’s incarnations, especially since the very original world is in orbit around the Elder Of The Universe, the Stranger’s laboratory world. And speaking of hanging plotlines, do you remember the brief appearance of Monarch Starstalker during the War Of Kings?

Hmm. War Of Kings; all about a dimensional rift. Never seen that before.

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

Let’s be honest. Age of Ultron was good. Remarkably formulaic, adding little to the continuity bar the opening of Infinity, but still enjoyable. If anything, it was not a big enough an event, as it would have been nice to see a little more of that world. Then again, maybe we have not seen the last of that particular incarnation of Morgan Le Fay; she seems a little too good to waste. Infinity would sure give her a chance to reappear.

Now we all know what we expected from Infinity, and if current trends and recent offerings are anything to go by, we will be given everything that we expect, with that little Hickman twist. Certainly, Age of Ultron seems like a poor man’s House of M in terms of continuity effects, but Infinity does at least seem like it has a goal.

In other news, BOOM! has absorbed Archaia, becoming holder of a now enormous selection of properties, both licensed and otherwise. I wonder what treasures they can magic up between them?

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