Using AJAX to Spy On You

By Dave

Everyone has been talking about AJAX lately, and I have to admit that I am pretty amazed with what it can do, and how it does it, but there could be some more shady uses of AJAX, and specifically XMLHttpRequest that most people don’t know about yet, but should be aware of.

Just imagine, for the purposes of an example, that you drop your new iPod on the ground and it stops working. Hoping to get a free replacement, you write an e-mail to Apple support that says: “I just bought a brand new iPod. I dropped it down a set of stairs. It stopped working.” You then decide to delete the second sentence to help your cause. TOO LATE! If the site uses AJAX, your response may already have been zapped to the complaint desk in the sky!

I think that this technology must be monitored, and many negative effects could shift the power to the website owner, or corporation and thus take it away from the average browser. So where there is AJAX, be careful, you don’t know what details they are watching.

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