Valentine's Gifts to Melt Her Geeky Heart

Not everyone celebrates the Hallmark holiday that is Valentine’s Day, but there is something to be said about giving gifts to your SO, or the person you want to be your SO. Whatever the case may be, it’s not too early to think about Valentine’s gifts.

Instead of presenting you with generic gift ideas, we decided to focus on Valentine’s gifts for girls. But don’t worry, gals, we’ll scour the web for you for another post about gifts for guys soon.

Green Arrow pendant

Whether in disguise or as himself, Oliver Queen has a way with women. If you want your girl to have a piece of jewelry that she’ll wear every day, this Green Arrow pendant will do the trick. It comes in neutral colors, too, so it won’t be difficult to match with any getup.

Buy this Green Arrow pendant for $17.00.

Stormtrooper earrings

For girls who like to wear jewelry – even if only occasionally, earrings are just as important as pendants. And what better earrings to give your girl than these Stormtrooper ones? Unless she has a strong dislike for Stormtroopers or Star Wars in general – then you may be having second thoughts about things…

Stormtrooper earrings available here.

Literary scarves

For sure, you’ve seen those articles about dating a woman who reads. There’s no arguing that a woman who devours books like there’s no tomorrow is a keeper, and if your SO is such a person, then you’re in luck. You’ll be luckier if you give her a literary scarf, which is not only functional, but shouts “book lover” loud and proud.

Made by Tori Tisell, these literary scarves are available in three variants: Jane Eyre , Alice in Wonderland, and Wuthering Heights.

Take your pick of literary scarves here.

Star Trek TOS ladies pajama set

Nothing compares to a good night’s sleep with the most comfortable pair of jammies. Unless we’re talking Star Trek pajamas. I don’t really need to say more – just look!

This pajama set is on sale at ThinkGeek now for only $15.99 (original price at $39.99), so get that present early!

DC Comics Wonder Woman stars studded satchel bag

While there is no lack of superheroines, I do believe that Wonder Woman is still the best of the lot. If your girl has the same preference, then this bag will make you a hero in her eyes. At least until you mess up. ;)

Get the DC Comics Wonder Woman stars studded satchel bag for $45.99.

Star Trek Original Series purse

For trekkies, no other bag will do. Measuring 12-inches long x 9-inches tall x 5-inches wide, this bag comes with a Tribble key fob with a delta charm. Heck, men would want a murse in this pattern, I bet!

Buy the Star Trek Original Series purse.

Pi bottle opener

One can argue that this simply but nifty device is more of a guy’s gift, but that would be sexist, wouldn’t it? We girls do like to open bottles, too! So, if your girl enjoys her bottled beverage, this Pi bottle opener will score you huge points. Definitely more than 3.1416.

Get the Pi bottle opener.

Periodic Table Pyrex dish

Why settle for prints of all sorts of Period Tables when you can have your table and eat it, too? This custom-engraved Pyrex serving dish will ensure that whatever is served for dinner will be eaten. For those who love cooking, this is the perfect gift.

Buy here.

R2D2 Apron

Here’s another gift idea for girls who like to cook – and love R2D2 (who doesn’t?). I confess that I don’t normally use an apron though I cook practically every day, but if I were to wear one, then this might just be it.

The R2D2 apron is a little pricey at $65, but it will be worth the smile on her face. Get it here.

Snore No More

And for the funniest of them all…the Snore No More. You might be setting yourself up for a whack or two if you snore (even if you deny it), but who can resist this gift? One thing’s for sure: you’ll see that your gift is very much appreciated when you feel that whack in the middle of the night.

Buy Snore No More.

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