Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth - First Impressions

As soon as you start the game the first thing you notice is the “epic” feeling it gives in it’s first minutes.

For those of you which do not know much of Northern Mythology, Ragnarok is a war that will occur in the end of the world between all the gods. Odin, the god of war, and Freya the goddess of love, recruit Lenneth and order her to search for suitable human warrior souls to help them in Ragnarok.

If you’ve played older RPGs, namely, Square’s SNES ones, you’ll quickly find the graphic style, and attention to detail in this game familiar, but, much more refined and with better quality. The quirky small characters with detailed portraits during conversation still exist, but they are done in such a natural manner that you’ll find yourself taking their short representation as serious as if they were in high detail. In other words, you don’t lose focus of the story, even though all the characters look cartoonish. You know there’s a war coming, and you know there’s an important mission to accomplish.

As I mentioned before, the attention to detail is astonishing, and the simple character animations, that in other games are very limited, are done to a pixel perfectness in this game. Even though the characters are static during most of the conversations, when they are moving in dialogues they interact the same way a cartoon character would with any object.

The fighting is turn based but involves a bit of timing in order to strike good combos. Basically each of the four symbols on the PSP make a character attack, and, if timed correctly, unleash powerful combos between the characters. Obviously, the more you play the more powerful they’ll become.

All in all, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth has everything that it takes in order to shape an RPG classic, and I’ll be sure play it for a long time until I finish it. I don’t think it’s a suited game for those wanting an action adventure, rather than a thriving story, for that I think you’re better off with the Y’s port, also for PSP. And after the slow story introduction, things really get much funner when you’re going around the world recruiting soldiers. So if it seems like it will suit your taste, give it a go.

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