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Ever since video games were first introduced, some have been more popular than others. There have been very few video game franchises which have stood the test of time. However, those that did may have even helped shape a generation that grew up playing the game series and inspired this generation to seek out colleges for video game design.

You cannot talk about popular video games without mentioning Mario. Mario has been a Nintendo staple since the release of the first Mario Brothers arcade game in 1983. The Mario series is the highest selling video game franchise of all time, and Mario himself has been in over 200 video games. This franchise has spanned many generations through various Mario Brothers spinoffs and games featuring the Italian plumber are still popular today.

One of the most popular and successful Mario spin-offs over the past decade is Super Smash Brothers. This game owes much of its success to the fact that it combined characters from several of Nintendo‘s most popular franchises into one video game. By taking characters from the Mario franchise, Kirby, and the Legend of Zelda and putting them into what is essentially a fighting game pitting two characters against each other, Nintendo was able to create a game people started playing when they were younger and continued to enjoy in their teenage and adult years.

Mario Kart is another very popular video game that capitalized on the success Mario to create a successful franchise spanning across many different consoles, except that this time it’s a racing game. Choose your favorite Mario character and race on wildly different tracks against 11 others, and don’t forget to pick up the packages that might give you the weapon or boost you need to finish in first place. The early success of this game was due to its multiplayer function, where you could race against your friends.

One of the most popular fighting game franchises that has survived the test of time has to be Tekken. It was first released in 1994 as an arcade game and the PlayStation version followed soon after. There have been over 12 different versions of the game released since then. There have also been multiple live action and animated films made based on Tekken story.

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In more recent times, there has been Pokemon. First a card game, then a popular television series and video games. Many from the generation raised with Pokemon still have a strong affinity for the game, and continue to play it all these years later.

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