New VR Ghoostbusters Interactive Exhibit Looks Spooktacular

First off, someone please kill me for that awful lead in title. I swore if I ever used the word spooktacular in my writing I would retire, so you may be seeing less of me. After that fact, can we take a moment to talk about the new interactive Ghostbusters experience opening TODAY at Madam Tussauds wax museum in Times Square? Revving up the hype around the reboot about to drop (BTW dear geeks, stop hating on it, wait and judge it on its own merits) this interactive exhibit allows people to suit up as the Ghostbusters themselves (kinda, VR style) and go through a designated area where they can shoot at actual holograms of ghosts from the movie (like Slimer, as seen above). If that doesn’t sound cool to you, you and I would definitely NOT get along.

So using a cool piece of tech called the Rapture system put together by  an impressive team who call themselves The Void and work on VR 4D experiences, the Ghostbusters VR has you walking through actual doors and shooting at ghosts (and destroying the walls and scenery) but this is not done on a gamepad. The person is placed in rooms that are EXACT replicas of rooms they are ACTUALLY IN, so if you see a chair, you can walk up to it, VR goggles on, sit down and it will be there in real life. Even trying to fathom this level of awesome is giving me a nose bleed.

Though it is not too long, Ghostbusters Dimensions is said to be a rather amazing experience (they even vest you up) and seeing as to how I am about a three hour drive from New York, one I will be partaking in very soon myself.

Also, the new Ghostbusters theme can go to hell. It can go to hell and it can rot and die there. I wont judge the movie yet, but that Fallout Boy theme sounds like someone “crossed the streams” musically. Outside of that, all is well, but that needed to be said. And if you are in or around NY, go check this shit out, for realz, yo.


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