Virus problems? Nuke your PC

A Microsoft security officer advises that the best way to solve malware problems is starting from scratch–or from a recent clean backup, at least.

The latest types of malware are so potent that organisations should forget about trying to cleanse infected systems, a top Microsoft security officer has advised. Mike Danseglio, a program manager in Microsoft’s security group, said firms should think about establishing a process for backup and recovering rather than relying on anti-virus tools as a way of recovering from malware infection.

However Danseglio laid the blame for the majority of malware infections on human stupidity in the face of social engineering attacks rather than the security shortcomings of Windows.

Well, I do agree that sometimes it takes less effort to do a reinstall than to try salvaging a badly-damaged system, but this coming from MIcrosoft is just too much. It’s like saying the fight against malware is hopeless, especially for Windows users. And to think Microsoft has just come out with its own Antivirus app.

And you can’t keep on blaming vulnerabilities on user stupidity. There will always be stupid people who will click on links, install apps and open malilcious sites, email, and documents. And sometimes, even the tech-savvy computer users fall victim to malware attacks (acute stupidity, perhaps). So this means there must be a problem with the general security setup of a Windows sytem (ah, that’s startling news).

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