Wake up to "almost" fresh bread :)

By Jim

I knew that there will be a day you’d wake up not by the usual noise your alarm clock makes, but the smell it ejects out!  The Osim Nioi Alarm Clock does just that.  It uses your nose to make you rise up and hit the showers.  I was told it currently come in two variants,  scent to make you sleep (which obviously are fresh flowers or a hint of mint perhaps) to scent that will trick you to wake up (which would be the scent of freshly baked bread, oh yeah… I hoped it was bacon too).

Designed by Alfie Lake, these scents come in a pressurized cartridge that is mechanically released by… you guessed it, the time you set!  Too bad it’s not yet commercially available.  I’d like to see a version where you can load it up with scents you are most likely to respond to.  I think the fresh baked bread scent will cause me to sleep more than to jolt me out of bed.  Hey, how about a trick scent from Monsters Inc?  Wet dog scent, ewwy trash scent or the famous week-old socks to do that trick eh?  That will surely make me jump out to hit the showers.

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