AMC's Walking Dead: Let's Talk About the Whisperers (They're Coming)

We all know that in AMC’s The Walking Dead the truest threat does not come from the walkers (or zombies as the rest of the fucking universe calls them). As a matter of fact, last time we left the squad one of them was about to get their brains bashed in by the lovely Lucille (seriously, best looking character on show) and that was the big threat we thought we all saw telegraphed. Negan comes, Negan kills, the group meet up with Ezekiel and his pet tiger (no, really) and then all the communities wage, well, as it was called in the comic run, “All Out War”, but there is a REALLY uncomfortable and creepy aspect of the Walking Dead world they have barely even hinted at on the show. The Whisperers. If you think you know creepy in this world, the whisperers take it to whole other levels of mental depravity. They make Negan look normal by comparison.

So what are the whisperers?

Hinted at by Morgan during one of his 652 monologues about his past life and how pure he is now he mentioned humans he ran into who wore the faces of the dead. That was our first hint. You see, the Whisperers are a group in the Walking Dead universe who worship the walkers and want to be one of them, so they wear their skin, speak in only whispers so no one knows they are human, and kill the humans for the sake of the walkers. A sick and twisted bunch who do some truly depraved things (Carl’s chick eats out his emptied eye socket, no joke, in a sexuazl way, it is fucked up, and he kinda enjoys it) and while many of us were resting on the fact Negan would be the big baddie in season 7, check out the picture that Walking Dead just posted to their Instagram:

That is a head on a pike my friend. That is the Whisperers trademark to scare off humans and claim areas. Those are not zombie heads, mind you (if these are the whisperers we are talking about) so that tells us this might just be the season we get the whisperers. The weirdos who have actually figured out this is the Walker’s world so they just try to assimilate and survive in the sickest way anyone can.

Hey, everyone copes differently.

I, for one, think Carl’s chick may be one, as she leaves a lot, does weird shit, and seems to have a certain respect for the dead and the way the world runs now, but that may just be a hunch on my part that is way off. Guess we just need to wait and see if she eats out Carl’s eye socket. That is the nineteenth weirdest sentence I have ever typed for anyone keeping score.

Oh man, speaking of eye socket oral, that would be super weird to watch so I hope it happens.

(Instagram, H/T to i09)

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