Which of These 7 Walking Dead Personality Traits Do You Have?

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Fans of AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead” know the horror-drama is full of nightmarish scenes that take viewers through a spectrum of emotions. Though Wolves and Walkers are to be feared, not everything is doom and gloom in this post-apocalyptic world. Glenn and Maggie have one of the greatest love stories ever told, and fans are eagerly awaiting Judith’s first birthday.

Research suggests that your personality determines what TV shows you watch and in turn, TV shows can have an effect on your characteristics. Have you turned into a paranoid doomsday prepper, stockpiling supplies? Or are you prepared for a butt-kicking when the zombie apocalypse hits? Here are seven personality traits you may adopt after watching TWD.

(Caution: Spoilers follow!)

Walking Dead Personality Traits

1. Doomsday Prepper

The entire premise of “The Walking Dead” is to stay alive in a decimated world. Viewers follow characters who are doing everything in their power to simply survive. Finding the next source of food, water, and shelter is what brings the living out of their safe zones to walk amongst the dead.

So it’s no wonder if, just a few episodes into TWD, you find yourself creating a 72-hour kit, hoarding canned food, and stockpiling water bottles. Because if a zombie doesn’t get you, starvation surely will. Bonus if you’ve started storing gas, medical supplies, and weapons. Emergency supplies are all hard to come by in a zombie apocalypse.

2. Survivalist


Sure, a few characters had jobs in the pre-zombie world that seem a natural fit for surviving the end of the world: Rick was a sheriff, Merle a former Marine, Bob a combat medic, Abraham a sergeant in the Army, and Sasha a firefighter. These are tough jobs that require physical and mental know-how to survive in disaster settings.

The rest of TWD’s fiercest characters? Their occupational skill sets amongst the living didn’t exactly train them to survive a zombie takeover. Hardened warriors Carol and Lori? Both stay-at-home moms.

Zombie murdering do-gooder Glenn? He delivered pizzas.

Sharpshooter Andrea? Civil rights attorney.

Confident heroine Michonne? She was a lawyer, too.

Fearless fighter Maggie? She was a farm hand on her family’s farm.

Scissor-wielding killer Jessie? Hairstylist.

Brutal leader Philip (aka The Governor)? He was an office worker.

There are seemingly no surefire job skills that will get you through an apocalypse other than a passionate survivalist. TWD proves that even a once-meek housewife can live and fight in a catastrophic scenario. So don’t fear all you teachers, artists, and computer science geeks — you too can make it through a zombie uprising. You’ve just got to have the passion and wherewithal to stay alive.

3. Yeller

Do you find yourself yelling a gut-wrenching “NOOOO!” at your TV after watching a particularly jarring episode? Whether you’re yelling at the characters for doing something foolhardy or yelling at the writers for a season-ending cliffhanger, TWD producers have made one thing clear: no cast member is safe on the show. Abundant yelling is a sign that you’ve been infected by the heart-tugging plotlines on TWD.

Don’t let that yelling be at your slow Internet connection, though — the last thing you want to do is turn into a Walker while binge-watching TWD, stumbling around the house moaning while looking for a reliable Internet hotspot. 

4. Macho Man

In season 1, protagonist Rick Grimes was a mild-mannered Georgia cop searching for his family. By season 6, Rick is a jaded antihero, doing anything he can to keep his family and those he cares about alive. He transforms into an ultra-macho man.

Maybe you’ve taken some cues from the aggressive manly man — has your voice deepened? Are you growing a beard? Are showers and haircuts optional? If you have taken on a dominant alpha male personality with rugged looks and a “don’t mess with me” attitude, you may have been binge-watching too much TWD.

5. Authority Fearer


Some of the truest monsters in TWD are the ones in uniform. People who held otherwise noble, trustworthy professions in their previous lives don’t necessarily maintain that same air of trustworthiness in a world overtaken by zombies.

Episcopalian priest Gabriel Stokes locked up his church and let his entire congregation get killed by Walkers. The doctors and police offers at Grady Memorial Hospital were saving people only to turn them into their laborers. Trigger-happy police officer Dawn Lerner accidentally shot Beth Greene. Even brainy scientist Eugene lied about his background — he wasn’t actually a scientist at all and has no knowledge of a zombie cure.

Do you find your muscles tightening when you pass a police officer? Are you hiding from any doctors in white coats? Are you fearing religious leaders? You’ve been watching too much TWD.

6. Interviewer

True friends are hard to come by in TWD. True friends that can also kill a zombie are even harder to find. Have you started grilling potential posse candidates? This is a classic move Rick employs to discover if you can join their gang or not. If he finds a survivor, he wants to know how many zombies they’ve killed, how many people they’ve killed, and why. His questions weed out potentially dangerous recruits.

Are you questioning anyone trying to join your own gang of friends? You want your values and moral deliberations to align, sure. But if you turn a budding friendship into a job interview, questioning whether or not they can protect you against flesh-eating monsters, then you’ve surely adopted the role of interviewer.

7. Distrusting Doubter

The true horror of the zombie plague is that everyone is a carrier the disease — it just doesn’t manifest itself until you are killed and reanimated as a Walker. Behind every door, around every corner, a Walker awaits. Paranoia is the only way you’ll survive. Have you become a savage beast, hunting for your next meal or drink of water? Or maybe you’ve stopped trusting people, doubting humanity. You’ve become too cautious if you’re only trusting your nearest and dearest these days. Too many apocalyptic thoughts have turned you into a somber survivor.

We can keep watching “The Walking Dead” without curling in a ball in the corner scared for the demise of humankind because zombies aren’t real and we know an apocalypse won’t be at the hand of flesh-eating Walkers … right?

Fans sound off: is season six shaping up to be the best season ever or will that honor still stand with season five? Which of these Walking Dead personality traits do you have?

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