The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: Understanding the Internet Outrage


What the hell was that? You ultimately had one of the best seasons and episodes ever, building up like a pressure cooker about to explode, and then you just leave us hanging? Really, AMC? REALLY?! Sorry, getting ahead of myself. You don’t have to even watch The Walking Dead to feel the boiling upheaval on social media right now over its season six finale, which just aired a few nights ago. As a fan myself, I will say, I began the night by saying: if this is all a lead-up and they leave us hanging about who gets killed, I am gonna be f*cking pissed. Fast forward 90 minutes later, and it ended up being exactly what many of us feared and predicted. But there are a couple things I can help you fans come to terms with here. One, we can narrow down who it was (and sure wasn’t) and two, perhaps I can make a bit more sense of why the showrunners would’ve allowed such a massive tease with no pay-off. But above all else, I am a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead, and I was massively let-down as well. Having read every comic and seen the show since episode one,  despite how I might justify it in this article, I agree with fans who disliked it. Truth is, up until last night I didn’t know a TV show could give me blue balls.

Yes, I was THAT let down, as were many.

What the Shit was That?

This is how every single person who watched the episode felt when the credits ran, and not in a good way.

So the WHOLE season we have been getting this massive build up to Negan. The BEST Walking Dead villain in the comics so  far. Anyone who knows his name from the books knows shit is about to get real dark. They cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka The Comedian from Watchmen) as Negan, and from the first second he walks on-screen, there is NO QUESTION that the casting was perfect. Charismatic, charming, somewhat humorous, and scary as hell. It was all there. Also, great use of Trevor from GTAV as a sort of distraction in the episode (yes, that was Trevor from GTAV who first stopped them in road and taunted them whole episode). Good shit!


how the hell can they give us a finale that intense, let us know a storm is coming, and then show SOMEONE getting their head caved in from that person’s perspective so we don’t know who it is? That is some twisted shit. We are not happy right now. Even though this sort of thing has name……



Even though cliffhangers are a “thing” this Walking Dead finale reaction by everyone proves they don’t always work.

What someone reminded me during my outrage about that finale was that is how TV used to work. The cliffhanger (as named as a TV trope, showing how evident it is) used to be common place in TV. The execs would leave the audience with a moment that would ENSURE they would tune in again when the show came back on the next season. Hell, it is how half the shows GOT new seasons. And if you look at it from THAT standpoint, what AMC and The Walking Dead did was genius. We will all tune in when it comes back. Hell, even this negative buzz is buzz. It counts. Problem is, you cannot give your fans these figurative blue balls I spoke of earlier, when you promised them the most intense episode and pretty much hinted at us for two seasons that Negan was coming and that shit was gonna hit the fan. Then you introduce him, give him one of the BEST BAD GUYS INTROS I have seen since The Joker’s pencil trick in The Dark Knight (for real) and then crack, fade to black.

People are pissed. Like REALLY REALLY pissed.

So Who Could It Be?

Okay, there could be some real spoilers ahead depending on how this scene plays out, so walk away now if you just want to wait 6-8 months. For the rest of us, there is deductive logic. First off, it is (probably) not a lady he kills. Sounds like he said: Look at him, taking it like a champ. Also, we KNOW it is not Rick or Coral because he also says if anyone reacts, feed the boy’s other eye to his Dad (maybe not word for word, but close). This brings us to the exact same scene and how it played out in the comic book. Um, careful….

Look away now….

I wont lie, this moment in the comic book f*cked me up enough to stop reading for a while. I liked Glenn. 

Yes, that is indeed Glenn, calling out for Maggie as he has his skull caved in by Negan in front of everyone. Curious thing is, they gave him that “Maggie” scream in the show when he first saw her, so I think that was a misdirection and that is not where they will go with the show. This brings it down to Abraham (who I kinda think it was because of all the baby talk and how he stood tall in Negan’s face), Daryl (who I also think may get it because he has his own separate biking show now, and it just happens to be debuting right around this story arc), and all the females, who myself and many others are thinking are safe. Also, I would say Eugene’s tears did not put him in high standing with someone as alpha as Negan, but the sad part is, this is all speculation and the reality is…….



How I felt after the finale, perfectly summed up by a bird.

Cliffhanger, blue balls, doesn’t matter. It is one in the same, and not a great way to reward steady fans who spent the last three weeks (natch six seasons) preparing themselves for this loss and instead got “Kill cam” point of view, which, frankly, I expect more out of the Walking Dead. P.O.V kills shots are for shitty directors. straight up. We expect more from a show that is way out of the minors and plays in the majors now. That is like having a dream sequence within a dream sequence in the new Batman movie. That is just pure, filler shit. Sorry. No excuses.

And yes, that fake out was predictable and a shitty move, straight up. They better come back swinging, literally, if they intend to fix this, which brings us to the final pressing issue here.

Returning To Massive Loss

To BEGIN your season with hopelessness, death, and massive loss is not a great way to keep people watching. You give people that at the END OF THE SEASON (think Jon Snow’s stabbing on G.O.T as a perfect example) and then you give them the month’s in-between to get over it and ready themselves to watch show again.

Coming back to cowardly Carol bleeding out, Miscarriage Maggie, and some poor other cast member’s face getting turned into hamburger might just be enough sadness and despair to turn some viewers off on the show. Just saying. And Negan is twisted, keep in mind, what we saw was Negan-lite. Here is a better example of what the man is capable of:

Yes, he is threatening to have all his men rape Carl in front of Rick. That is Negan. This is what you have to look forward to, people.

Just saying what everyone else is. Yeah, The Walking Dead screwed up and missed a major opportunity. Sad part is, of course we are all gonna tune in to see who got it, but the way they did this was George Lucas prequels level of “poorly thought out.” Someone had to say it (again). Thanks for the blue balls, AMC. Preacher better get me off twice as hard now.

Speaking  of which, may as well keep this shit-talking streak going…..

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