10 The Walking Dead Tattoos

The Walking Dead returns on the 12th of October, and after season 4’s finale, we’re all pretty much stoked about where they will pick up. Countless teasers, rumors, and speculations can be read online, but with only a week or so left, let’s not bother with that.

Instead, let’s look at some hardcore fans of the show/comics, who have shown their dedication by getting Walking Dead Tattoos. Note that these are not all from the TV show, but also from the comics.

The Walking Dead Tattoos

1. The Walking Dead panel/quote

Have you ever brought a baseball bat to a gunfight? Well, we hope you’ve never been to a real gunfight in the first place; this tattoo, which is an actual panel from the comics is cool in more ways than one.

2. Bicycle Girl

For any zombie-loving fan who wants a tribute to the series, then of all Walking Dead tattoos, the Bicycle Girl is probably at the top of the list of designs. This one is indeed so gruesomely detailed.

3. Martinez’s Head

Another of The Walking Dead tattoos that are taken straight out of the graphic novel, this is the head of Martinez when The Governor used him as an example to the residents of Woodbury. With the sharp lines and blood splatter/droplets, I’d be scared to look this guy in the eyes chest.

4. Michonne

If there is one woman character I would get as a tattoo, it would be Michonne; and I think many will agree with me. She may be a grumpy, jaded walker-killing machine, but it’s only to hide her soft side.

5. Walking Dead Sleeve

I think this is one of the best sleeves out there. The design is a little busy, but that doesn’t matter as it does look good (and who says busy is always bad when it comes to tatts?). Poppy colors and good lines; thumbs up for this sleeve.

6. Rick Grimes

While many readers and/or viewers may have a love-hate relationship with Rick, a list of Walking Dead tattoos wouldn’t be complete without at least one with Rick. As can be expected, there is a plethora of Rick tattoos, but this is one of the better ones I’ve found. The others are just, well, pathetic.

7. Merle Dixon

I suppose Merle Dixon has his redeeming qualities, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone would want him imprinted on one’s body. Then again, maybe it’s just me. On another note, this tattoo depicting Merle as a zombie is quite compelling isn’t it?


Here’s another tattoo lifted off the graphic novel, although viewers of the TV show can relate it to the walkers stalking the prison fence. I like how the eyes of the zombies vary in this tattoo, and all that red as well.

9. Walking Dead quote

While the typography in this tattoo is rather bad, the quote is a great one; so if you’re looking for inspiration for a Walking Dead-related tattoo, here’s one. Just make sure you get your typography right.

10. Daryl

Why is Daryl, the most loved character in the series, the last one? Because I had one heck of a time finding a decent tattoo of him. This one is the best I could find, and he actually looks like Norman Reedus; and all the zombies in the background just make it better.

Is that all?

Well, a quick search on Google will show you tons and tons of Walking Dead tattoos, but my goodness, you might now believe how ugly a lot of them are! These are our picks, which we hope you like, too. So what do you think of these “pretty” Walking Dead tattoos?

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