Walkman Or iPod?

I bet your answer is the iPod, without any second thoughts at all. That is not what I meant by the question, though. Of course, no one would want to trade in his iPod for a Walkman from the 80s! But what if you had an iPod case that looked just like a Walkman?

What’s the point in that, you may be thinking. Well, how many times have you heard of stories about people getting their iPod snatched away by some low life scum? I remember when I got my first iPod – no one really recognized what it was so it wasn’t that “thief-friendly.” These days, though, iPods are prime targets.

With this cool Walkman iPod case, though, you can protect your iPod from hungry eyes and quick hands. As you can see in the picture, the case looks just like a Walkman that almost everybody used way back when. Now imagine walking around the city or taking the train or bus. If you are the type who doesn’t like other people staring at your modern iPod, you would find this case really handy – no one will take any interest in stealing your “Walkman.”

The case was made with the classic iPod in mind, I heard that they have some for the other models as well. One thing that I would like is a case that looks like the black Walkman. That looks so much better than this red shiny thing. Just because I want a nondescript case, it doesn’t mean that I want something that is not aesthetically pleasing!

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