Today’s society relies on technology and the Internet on almost anything. From work, education, shopping, socialization, and of course entertainment. Aside from music and movies, video games and gaming applications are the most common forms of recreation. Game applications are numerous, comes in a wide array of categories, and are readily accessible online. 

And as the demand for a variety of games increases, so does the opportunity for game developers. The number of online gamers is increasing, and consumers are continuously looking for new games and entertainment apps. The advancement of technology also provides tools and paves the way for game developers to produce innovative and unique game applications.

With the increasing demand for games, you may want to start a game development company. Here are some pointers to help you begin this journey.

Arrange for Legal and Accounting services

It is essential to have the expertise of a lawyer and accountant whenever you start a business. Look for professionals that are knowledgeable in startup businesses and ask their advice on the paperwork needed. Research and a good read on starting a business will also provide the necessary information you need for your company. 

Register your Company

It is recommended to register your company in your state to preserve your business and yourself from liabilities. You can register your organization as a sole proprietorship or a partnership. However, if you intend to take on huge loans, you can choose to register as an LLC. This would limit and avoid your accountability for business debts. Furthermore, providing a registered name for your business will provide more credibility and attract customers. 

Create a Separate Account

For ease in managing your business, it is imperative to maintain separate bank accounts and business records. You may think that since your business is still in its infancy that you can utilize personal records to make management more effortless. However, this would complicate things as there would be a need to identify and differentiate a business from individual transactions. 


Obtain a substantial amount that can cover the operation of your business up until you have successfully launched your first product. There are various financing techniques you can employ to get the money your business need. You can apply for loans or pool the resources from partners or investors. A job providing a steady flow of income is also advisable when starting your game development company. Having a source of income will ensure that your business will not burn through your investment. Take note that a game development company will need to invest highly in equipment and facility. Specialized computer hardware and software, as well as printers and game consoles, are required to create a game application effectively.

Build your Team

Having the technical knowhow and skills to develop applications will give you an advantage in developing games. But if you want to expand and improve your company, it is best to employ other members. You can start by having a couple of programmers and graphic artists as well as a person for marketing and finance. If you rather have a small team, it is best to identify the roles of each member clearly. Also, make sure that you assign a role to someone who is knowledgeable of the tasks to be accomplished.

An IT support team is another essential role to be filled for the day to day management of technology resources. You can choose to have an in-house team or outsource IT support and services for your specific needs. Arranging for the latter will ensure that your organization will have access to experts who can help in keeping your IT infrastructure running smoothly. 

Conceptualize and Create your Product

If you do not have a concept in mind before building your company, it is best to perform extensive research on what your audience needs. Focus groups can be formed to identify the type of experience or games the consumers are expecting, or use it to test if they would accept your ideas. Include in your research current games or future releases as well as industry trends. 

In creating your product, it is best to set milestones to guide your development. Having a clear plan and product design will also help achieve your outcome. You can establish a timeline, although be prepared for adjustments. Make sure that your development process is also flexible enough to accommodate any changes. 


Once you have completed your first product, it is not time to sell your work to your consumers. It is imperative to have a marketing plan that will present your product to consumers. One way is to create a landing page outside of app stores and download pages. The design of your application’s page must encourage them to install the app. Asking for reviews and feedback from users is another way to market your product. Customers often rely on reviews and ratings when it comes to selecting a product. You can then utilize these feedbacks to gain better insights into what your audience wants and how you could optimize your app. 

Use Social Media

Social media sites can also be utilized to introduce your company and your products. Having a presence in popular social media sites will enable you to reach a larger audience and is one way to connect with customers. Most games today also integrate social media in their apps to allow users to share their achievements or to compete with peers. Social media sites are also a good platform to keep your fans updated and in spreading the word. 

If you have a great game concept in mind, let it become a reality by starting your game development company. But just like any other business, you must first begin with registering your business, employing legal and accounting services, as well as looking for funding. A team and a working setup are also essential in conceptualizing and creating your product. And once you have completed your first product, it is vital to market your work and spread it through different platforms such as social media. Moreover, you can make your company even more robust by partnering with other game production companies or distributors.  

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