War of the Worlds: a brief review

By joe

I just got home from seeing War of the Worlds, and if you overlook some flaws, it’s a good flick.

The good:

  • The special effects were great. The CGI was excellent.
  • Acting was good, even if you hate Tom Cruise. The little girl from Taken (I’m too stupid to remember her name and too lazy to look it up) was really good in it.
  • The sound was nice. I’m a big fan of loud booming noises, and this movie has lots of them.
  • Suspense, action, drama and comedy (small doses) made the story flow well.

The bad:

  • There are some major continuity flaws in the filming. If you’re not a complete nerd that is obsessed with small details, you might not notice. But I am a complete nerd and I am obsessed with small details (like someone’s leg crossed in a side shot and uncrossed in a front shot) so it irritated me.
  • Something really stupid happens at the end (this is a spoiler so I won’t say what it is until later)

You have to realize that the book, War of the Worlds written by H.G. Wells came out in 1898. That’s a long time ago. In order to make a modern day movie, things have to be updated and changed. I think this was done well, and poorly at once.

Minor spoilers follow. Read on if you’ve seen the movie or don’t care.

The book managed to get somewhat in depth with the main characters life, but not so much as to detract from the overall message and story. The movie is really no different. Yes there is a bit of background for Cruise: he’s divorced and has two kids. Why did they get divorced? Do they hate each other? These things aren’t addressed, and rightfully so. The audience doesn’t need to know and shouldn’t care. This is about an extermination and a message, not romance.

The book is written in first person perspective. The same is true with the movie. There is no scene that doesn’t have Cruise in it or nearby (close enough to know what’s going on). It was well done too, not very obvious (a nice tip of the hat to the book basicly).

Many people will scoff at the outcome of the ‘War’, but it makes the most sense and it follows the book.

Big spoiler:

Really the worst part of the movie is the fact that the son doesn’t die and it’s never explained how he lived through a giant explosion that devastated everything in it’s path. This was unrealistic and laughable.

At any rate, War of the Worlds was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while and I definitely recommend it.

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