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Continue the Avatar journey with Legend of Korra

After a Netflix binge on Avatar: The Last Airbender, aren’t you curious about what happens next? Good for you, the cycle continues with Legend of Korra.

Season 1 of the spin-off Avatar series introduces more modern world from where viewers last saw Aang and his gang. The new master of all four elements, Korra, hails from the Water Tribe. She is about to thrive in an era where the rules of bending are much different, and, possibly, a world that doesn’t need an avatar anymore.


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Bending has no territory

Much of the action in Legend of Korra season 1 happens at Republic City. Remember that benders of Aang’s time were often associated with countries? This time, earthbenders, waterbenders, and firebenders live together. The story breaks our images associated with each element. Like firebenders are evil conquerors, or waterbenders are too laid back. Bending also has a sport. Here pro-bending pits two three-man teams in a regulated match.

There is a dearth of airbenders, however, and it is interesting to see how that plays out.


Tasteful nostalgia

Aang may be gone, but his gang is still around. When you watch Legend of Korra, you cannot help but be on a lookout for clues.  While Korra, the character and the show, tries to move away from Aang’s shadow, the references to him and his teammates are always spot on. They never felt forced. While Season 1 mostly refers to stories about the gang, we get see their adult and old versions later on in the show. And that is beautiful to see the group, which we last saw as kids, all grown up. For one, would you believe that the remaining airbenders are members of Aang family? Yes, Aang is a daddy!

Battle of ideologies

While Aang was clearly up against Fire Lord Ozai, the threats Korra is bound to face come in many faces. The new avatar fights fascism and extremism, while tackling issues on spirituality, morality, and justice in a familiar style, while letting Korra stand out on her own (this is very important later on).

Where to watch Avatar: Legend of Korra

You can start with Avatar: Legend of Korra Season 1 on Amazon Prime. If you finish Season 4, you can continue with Korra’s adventures through the comics.

It is normal to compare Aang and Korra, but the settings they are in are completely different. If you find yourself doing so while watching, that is okay. Keep watching and discover on your own why Korra is fit to be called a legend.

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