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Watch These Korean TV Shows Netflix Has to Offer

By Bea

When someone says Kdrama (Korean drama), people immediately think sappy stories about love and whatnot. Well, yes they have a romantic element to them most times, but they are actually often misjudged. Many fans would agree the Korean shows are deeper, funnier, more unique and smarter than what they are perceived to be. Additionally, most of them have beautiful cinematography and witty, intricate back stories. I, myself, would attest that they are quite addictive and can even cater to geeks like us. Their genres range from fantasy to sci-fi and are bound to capture your hearts. Here are some of the coolest, smartest, awesome Korean TV shows Netflix has to offer.


This series involves a group of passionate young entrepreneurs and their journey towards starting their own tech companies. Filled with state-of-the-art tech from South Korea, the series is one of the top Kdramas to come out last year. From talking home systems to self-driving cars, this show will surely capture the hearts and minds of those who love romance and are interested in starting up a business.

My Holo Love

This series revolves around a lonely, insecure woman who falls for an artificially intelligent holographic man. I mean, only a robot could have the perfect personality right? Considered her ideal man, the AI turns out to look exactly like its inventor. Soon enough, the real man behind the hologram finds himself falling in love with her. Will he measure up to the hologram? Will she be able to get past her insecurities and find real love? Watch this to find out!

Love Alarm

Tired of dating and not finding someone who’s worth your time? Wouldn’t it just be easy to have a device that would tell you who you’re meant to be with? Well, this series shows us just that. It revolves around a phone application that alarms whenever you’re within a 10-mile radius of someone who has feelings for you. In a world where technology literally brings people together, will it really make things easier to find love?

Oh My Ghost

Na Bong-sun is a major introvert who has low self-esteem. She works at Sun Restaurant as the assistant chef but always gets reprimanded by her star chef boss for her slip-ups. Oh, and she also happens to see ghosts on occasion. She has an old shaman grandmother to thanks for that. One day, a virgin ghost possesses her body in an attempt to lose her virginity. Seemingly more confident, Bong-sun finally catches the eye of her boss.

Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist is a medical drama focusing on the lives of doctors and nurses working at Yulje Medical Center. It focuses on five doctors who have been together since they entered medical school. Think of it as a Korean version of Grey’s Anatomy. For those of you med nerds, you may want to check this out. Many Korean physicians actually say that this show is extremely medically accurate.

Space Sweepers

Okay, this one’s technically not a show, but it’s created a lot of buzz lately so we’re including it in this list. One of the newest films to come out on Netflix is Space Sweepers which takes place in the year 2092. It focuses on the Spaceship Victory crew members who, after snatching a space shuttle, find a 7-year old girl inside it. They realize that the girl is in fact, a valuable robot named Dorothy. After realizing this, the crew members decide to demand a ransom from the UTS Space Guards in exchange for Dorothy.


This isn’t just your ordinary period series. Set in the Joseon period, the series focuses on Crown Prince Lee Chang who has to deal with both a political conspiracy and a zombie apocalypse. Talk about having your hands full, right? Moreover, strange rumors about the King’s illness spread throughout the land. The Crown Prince is the Kingdom’s only hope against this mysterious plague taking over its people. Will he be able to stop the army of the undead and reclaim his right to the throne?

Memories of the Alhambra

This series focuses on Jin Woo a company CEO on his quest to find the genius developer behind a revolutionary augmented reality game. He goes to a small hostel in Spain to meet with the developer. Things take a complicated turn when the developer goes missing and Jin Woo has to deal with the developer’s sister Hee Joo who also happens to own the hostel. When he starts playing the game, he suddenly gets framed for a murder he didn’t commit. The only way out is by finding the creator of the game.

Hotel del Luna

Hotel del Luna isn’t just any other hotel. Owned by an elite hotelier Jang Man-wol, the supernatural hotel catering to the dead has been bound to her soul due to a mysterious grave sin committed thousands of years ago. Its clients and staff are all souls or ghosts who have to come to terms with their unfinished business on Earth.

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