Ways Geeks Can Make Money on Their Own

Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss and make a living on their own? Having a desk job has its perks, of course, but after a while, it does get tiring having to answer to someone else every hour of the day. And, if you’re a geek who loves to learn new things all the time, a regular, routine-based job may not be the best fit. Your N.A.D.D. will get in the way. You will likely find yourself watching the clock; that, or “waste” time on cats online.

The good news is that you have so much going for you if you’re a geek in the truest sense of the word. You are passionate. You are always open to learning new things. While you may not have the strongest sense of business, you can still take being a geek to your advantage and make money on your own.

Here are some ways geeks can make money. Consider them, and you’ll likely end up with more disposable income to spend on your passions.

IT/tech services

Gone are the days when geek=computer nerd, although that can still apply today, and if you fall in this category, why not put that to good use? Stop giving away your services for free. Don’t let everyone get used to calling you at odd hours to fix their computer/gadget problems. Set up your own IT/tech shop and ask people to pay!

You can even go one step further and look at franchise opportunities for this kind of business. There are many established IT/tech service companies that offer franchising, and if you are wary of the business aspect of this idea, then this might be the better route as the business is already set up for you. Look at resources such as FranchiseExpo.com for tips, ideas, and advice.

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Lend your expertise online

If running a business in the franchising sense is not your thing, you can still put your skills to good use and make money. Whether you are an expert in computers, networking, gaming, or the hottest in sci-fi and fantasy, you might be able to make a living out of that knowledge. If you have a little skill in putting your thoughts into words, then what are you waiting for? Look for sites that are looking for writers who are experts in their fields and start building your rep – and get paid for it.

Be a beta tester

Not all beta testers are paid, but there are always companies willing to compensate individuals who help them sniff out the bugs before their software is released to the public. Whether it’s a game or some other tool, your meticulous attention to detail as a geek will be much appreciated.

Organize events

Geek nights. Trivia nights. Tabletop gaming nights. Or days. Or afternoons. If you don’t shy away from actually interacting with real people face to face, this is one option open to you. If you do have issues, but you like the idea and you’re the idea guy, find a partner who can take care of human interaction!

Create and sell stuff

Etsy, Society6, and all the other online shops have made it possible for creatives to make a living off of their creations. Whether you design t-shirts or  you make pottery or you develop apps – consider shifting your focus into your work. Create, create, and create some more. There will be likeminded people wanting you to shut up and take their money!

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