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12 Ways To Relive Your Childhood On Peter Pan Day

By Bea

Let’s face it. Being an adult is tough and terrifying. There are many times in my life when I just wished I could be a kid again, free from all the responsibilities of adulting – just like Peter Pan. Believe it or not, this feeling of nostalgia and wanting to relive one’s childhood is often associated with the Peter Pan effect in adults which is completely normal up to a point of course. Just don’t forget to snap back to your usual adult self (no matter how tempting it is not to!). With Peter Pan Day coming up on May 9, try these fun ways to relive your childhood!

Challenge A Friend To A Video Game

When I was a kid, video games were at their peak. It was during this time that some of the most iconic video game series known today came out. These include Pokémon, Super Mario World, Street Fighter, and many more. This is why it’s time to bring out your old consoles, and challenge a friend to some retro video games.

Dig Out An Old Comic Book

Okay, so comic books aren’t really just for kids, especially with a lot adults collecting them. In fact, a lot of your old comic books are probably just sitting in a room somewhere. If you really want to be nostalgic, why not take them out and actually read them? I promise you it will take you back to the times you’d get lost in their worlds.

Binge-Watch Your Favorite Cartoon

If you were a cartoon or anime fan when you were young, it’s time to re-watch your old favorites! You can check out these awesome sites which stream a lot of anime classics legally!

Dress Up As Your Favorite Superhero

Who says playing dress up is only for kids? It may seem a bit over the top, but it’s actually fun to put on a costume and emulate your favorite superhero (even when it’s not Halloween). Check out this awesome Batman costume.

Play Outdoor Games

Can you even imagine a time before technology took over our childhoods? I’m lucky to say that I can. Sure, technology has helped us a lot, but sometimes it helps to take a break from it and live in the moment. By that I mean going to the park, jumping on trampolines, experiencing a jungle gym, running around and chasing each other, and playing with other kids. Those were the days indeed, but they don’t have to stay in the past.

Have Some Candy

What’s a childhood without candy, right? Some of my favorites include Pop Rocks, Skittles, Jelly Beans, Push Pop, and Nerds. Now, some adults may worry about sugar, but hey, you only live once. It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while.

Bring Out Some Board Games

Adult board games may be fun to play, but so are the ones from our childhood. Whether it’s Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, Clue, Operation, or Scrabble, you and your friends will have the time of your lives with these classics.

Let Out Your Creative Juices

Being a kid also means letting your creative juices flow. Whether it be coloring, painting, sketching, or some other type of creative outlet. Check out this hilarious How Geeks Swear Coloring Book. With this, you can relive your childhood pastime of coloring AND still swear like the geeky adult that you are ;)

Build A Geeky Treehouse

One of the great things about being an adult is you can do anything you want. So if you want a treehouse, what’s stopping you? You can even build a treehouse according to your favorite show. Take this magical Doctor Who treehouse as an example. You can even add a rope swing, a wrap-around porch, or a watchtower! It can be your own little oasis.

Stay Up All Night

What kid didn’t *secretly* try to stay up all night, right? I’m pretty sure you did it too. Why not give it another go and see all the fun things you can do?

Have A Yes Day!

If you’ve got kids, having a Yes Day on Peter Pan Day will definitely give you the chance to bond with them. If there’s anything this movie teaches us that it’s okay to let go once in a while and have fun. Just don’t finish an entire bowl of ice cream, and never leave your kids at home to throw a foam party.

Play Hooky

Again, once in a while it’s okay to have fun. And if that means pulling a Ferris Bueller and doing whatever you want, then by all means, DO IT! Just make sure to do it like a pro and not get caught, okay?

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