We Heart Mobile Learning - You Should, Too!

Have you ever wished that you could have the equivalent to a classroom in your back pocket? Thanks to technology, you practically can. If like a lot of people, learning at set times in set locations doesn’t work too well for you, e-learning might be the perfect solution for you.

How to learn when you’re on the move

Tech is truly changing the way that people all around the globe learn for the better. As a result of developing technology, app users can learn on the go, and it’s more accessible than ever. Just in case you missed the memo, mobile learning is favoured by many today. There’s no denying that mobile technologies are changing the world, but also the education space. If you’re ready to wave goodbye to conventional and inflexible learning methods in favour of a dynamic approach, you’ll want to read on.  

Why you should try mobile learning

If you’ve got this far, it’s safe to say you’re intrigued by the concept of mobile learning. But you’re probably wondering why you should try this approach. The benefits can vary for each individual depending on the goals and purpose, below are just three of the ways mobile learning simplifies education:

Course completion rates are often higher  

Thanks to flexibility like never before, users can pick and choose when they learn rather than being constricted to set hours. Because of this, long gone are the days when learners have to stick to a schedule; rather, they can pick up their phone and use the app to learn whenever they wish. Not only does this mean completion rates are higher thanks to convivence, but also engagement and overall success rates are improved. In a nutshell, flexible learning will lead to improved results.

 It offers a diverse approach to learning

The best apps on the market are packed full of varied features and diverse methods of learning. Some might even say this kind of technology actually makes learning fun. From videos and podcasts to gamification, over the years, education has become a lot more interactive. No longer are learners forced to resort to endless text and internet searches to learn; it’s all in their back pocket now. By switching up the way information is delivered, users often feel more engaged and productive as the information is easy to digest and retain.

Information recall is improved  

As we touched on above, delivering learning content in interactive ways can help learners to recall the information when they need it most. Beyond that, learners have all of the content they need at their fingertips, allowing them to apply it as they actually learn. For example, mobile learning apps are often used for on the job training as employees are armed with the information they need to learn, enhancing the ability to recall information long-term and apply it to real-life situations.  

Bottom line: it’s all about the non-stop learning. After all, it’s what being a geek is about, isn’t it?

With plenty of mobile learning apps to take your pick from, it can difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking for an app that offers plenty of learning features such as spaced repetition, gamification and authoring tools, we’d recommend trying out www.edapp.com. The beauty of learning using your mobile is that you can pick it up as and when. You can switch from learning to playing hyper-causal games in the click of the button. The freedom and flexibility can go a long way for a lot of learners.  

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