We now (might) know what Galactus will look like in FF2...

So, there has been much debate, apparently, about what Galactus should look like, and how the character should appear in Fantastic Four 2.

There are two versions of Galactus floating out there…one is the classic Kirby version with the giant purple helmet…and I think we all know that won’t translate well to film…

The other main version in comics is the Gal Lak Tus robotic hybrid mind from the Ultimate universe. While I don’t really have anything against this version of the character, this is not the one that I would choose to have in the film…

Aint-It-Cool has the news on what Galactus will apparently look like in the movie, and you can click here to read it. Keep in mind that, as of this posting, this hasn’t been confirmed by Fox, so it’s not 100% official yet…

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We’ll be discussing the look after the jump, so beware…

Thar Be Spoilers Ahead…

Ok…so, here’s what Galactus is going to look like according to Aint-It-Cool –

Wanted to let you know what Galactus is going to look like / be represented as in the FF2 sequel:

A storm cloud.


That’s it. That’s the solution from the creatives.

(clears throat)…..pretty lame.

Think Superman/Silver Surfer flying through clouds with Galactus / Jorel VO.

My source is in the eye of the storm.

Now, the initial geek reaction is WTF? But…I think this might be a good way to do Galactus if it’s done right. Perhaps we just don’t SEE him because there is a storm cloud surrounding his vessel, and he doesn’t completey arrive on the planet…

This might be a good way to have Galactus in the film without completely redesigning him or showing him in this movie.

What do you think?

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