Some things are just too strange to be true — and yet they are. Take these Transformers. Most of them are bizarre knock-offs, though some are the real deal, licensed and made by Hasbro. From Mickey Mouse to the Titanic, you won’t believe some of the crazy stuff these toy robots transform into.

A while back, I showed you a transforming tennis shoe. I didn’t think that Transformers could get any weirder, but boy was I wrong.


Part of the “Pretender” line of official Transformers, Chainclaw was an animalistic Autobot who hid inside a plastic Bear shell. A bear that was so convincing a hiding place with his gladiator helmet and battle gun. [Source]

Computer Mouse

A real, working mouse that transforms into dinobot leader Grimlock. [Source]

Japanese Symbols

Maybe they’re educational toys. We can hope? [Source]


But why does Spider-Man turn into a helicopter? And it doesn’t stop with Spidey. There are also Transformers versions of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Venom, and even Ghost Rider. [Source]

McDonald’s Stuff

These were included in Happy Meals back in the 80s. [Source]

Mickey Mouse

Notice that the real Mickey Mouse is piloting the Mickey Transformer, mech style. But the weirdness doesn’t stop here. There’s also a Donald Duck model, and a Buzz Lightyear that turns into his own spaceship. Actually, that one’s kind of cool. [Source]

Sewing Machine

Supposedly, this “Hello Kitty” branded toy is part of a line of Transformers made just for girls. A line that also includes a hairdryer and lipstick. [Source]

Soccer Ball/Football

When he takes down a Decepticon, he screams, “GOOOOOOOOOAALLL!” Okay, I made that up. [Source]

Star Wars

Star Wars + Transformers should equal awesomeness, right? Wrong. They couldn’t stop at merely having Star Wars vehicles that turn into robots. They had to make them vehicles that transform into Star Wars characters. Because that just makes so much sense. Making matters worse: these are the real deal, made by Hasbro, licensed by Lucasfilm, and available to buy at specialty toy stores right now. [Source]

Thomas the Tank Engine

As the parent of a young Thomas fan, this kinda offends me, though I can’t explain why. It’s actually a “combine to form” robot, a la Voltron or Power Rangers. [Source]


Good grief. You’d think that before something like this got made, somebody would have the good sense to see how tasteless it would be. And you’d be wrong. What’s next? Transforming World Trade Center towers? [Source]

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