When I was a kid, I dreamed of getting superpowers just like my favorite superheroes. I wanted to be able to fly, read minds, be invisible, and move objects with my mind. These powers just seemed so convenient, useful, and not to mention super cool to have! On the other hand, there are lesser-known superpowers that actually exist and, well, seem too weird to make people want to have them. These weird superpowers may not be as popular, but they are still surprisingly useful. So here are some of the weirdest superpowers you might actually need!

Super Eating Powers

Are They Useless?: Matter-Eater Lad | Comics Amino

As a dragon with a lot of strength, Kanna Kobayashi has to fuel her superhuman appetite by super eating. With a gluttonous love for food, she is known to consume massive amounts of food at once. In the case of Matter-Eater Lad, his power also extends to matter ingestion which allows you to eat any material – solid, liquid, or gas – without injury. This proves especially useful when you have to get yourself out of something. Steel Pipes? Jail Cell? Boiling hot magma? No problemo!

Power Over Color

Rainbow Girl - Wikipedia

DC’s Legion of Substitute Heroes Color Kid has the singular ability to change the color of any object at will which is cool and all, but it’s no match for Rainbow Girl’s power. She wields the powers of the mysterious emotional spectrum resulting in unpredictable mood swings. This means she can tap into colors for certain powers. An example is when she surrounded herself with a rainbow-resembling pheromone field which made her irresistible to everyone.

Turning Sound To Light

Dazzler Returns to Marvel in June - Den of Geek

Don’t underestimate a roller skating disco singer’s ability to transform sound waves into bursts of light. This mutant may be covered in sequins and glitter, but she can disorient enemies anytime she wants. Also, she doesn’t just produce bright lights from sound, she also creates holograms, and even UV light strong enough to melt metal.

Acidic Sweat Corrosive Blasts

Anarchist (Character) - Comic Vine

The Anarchist’s acidic sweat can burn through anything it comes into contact with. Since sweating comes naturally with fighting off bad guys, he even has an endless supply of it. I don’t know about you, but this seems like a really useful and deadly power.

Turning Trash Into Trees

What type of trees can Ueki make? - Anime & Manga Stack Exchange

The Law of Ueki introduced a lot of weird characters and powers, but the weirdest of them all is Ueki’s power of recycling. With a garbage can at hand, Ueki can turn trash into trees. It seems a pretty useless superpower against fighting off bad guys, but don’t be too hasty in writing it off. In fact, the entire series is about battling off superpowers against other students. It’s up to Ueki to use it right. Besides, it’s still definitely useful in helping the planet right?

Cleaning Saliva

Miss Kobayashi's Dwagon Maid Episode 1: Wesbian Dwagon Sweetness | The Yuri Empire

In the anime Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Dragon Maid Tooru uses her own saliva as cleaning fluid to wash even the dirtiest clothes with just a swish of her mouth. You may not need this while fighting off crime, but you’ll definitely get a lot of cleaning done in an instant!

Candy Beam

Majin Buu turns rock into candy 720p HD - YouTube

Buu from Dragon Ball has the cute yet horrifying power of turning his enemies into candy with his Candy Beam. What’s creepy is that he eats them after turning into candies.

Nasal Whips

TV Time - Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (TVShow Time)

Having ultra-long nose hair is gross, but when you can use it to whip and bind enemies, then I guess they’re okay. Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo has mastered the art of the nasal whip from creating armor and charging beam attacks to even summoning King Nosehair.

Shooting Smaller Supermen

That Time Superman Shot Tiny Supermen Out Of His Fingers - YouTube

There was a time during the Silver Age of comics when the weirdest things could happen. One of them was when Superman briefly had the superpower to shoot small versions of himself from his fingers. It seems silly, but these miniature Supermen actually has the same powers and strength as the OG version. One Superman is enough, but two or three? He can form his own Justice League with that power!


20 Stupid Super Powers (That Are Secretly OP) | CBR

Many people think being nice is a weakness. When you’re nice, people underestimate and discredit you. In Goldstar’s case, his superpower is emitting niceness vibes which makes people nice. This power may not be as exciting and action-packed, but imagine all the good it can do. He can stop riots and convince the bad guys to turn good which basically saves everyone a lot of time if you ask me.

Removable Limbs

DC Comics Most Impressive Superhero: Arm Fall Off Boy - YouTube

DC’s Arm-Fall-Off Boy has the ability to remove his limbs and use them as weapons. Known to be one of the weirdest characters ever written, he is the first Legion reject after his body falls apart during testing.


Domino Explained: Who Is the Deadpool 2 Character?

Many people seem to discredit things when they happen because of sheer dumb luck. Not in Domino’s case whose ability to subconsciously and psionically initiate random telekinetic acts that affect probability in her favor. In short, her powers give her good luck which I think is a pretty awesome power to have.

Check this out for the weirdest X-Men!

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