Aliens. We’re not saying they exist, but they do… at least in films. They often range from hive-minded apocalypse swarms to cuddly space-men for children. We have to give those films credit, it’s hard to depict what you don’t see or what might not even exist. Among them, no other extraterrestrial life has been humanized to a relatable manner than the Men in Black aliens.

The Men in Black franchise depicts aliens as comical outcasts who try their best to blend in with humans. It’s a nice change of pace from all the other film aliens trying to destroy the human race or dyed latex suits who are not too far off from Homo Sapiens. Men in Black: International continues such a trend for these Men in Black aliens.

Well-adjusted as they may be, some of them are simply too weird compared to the standard designs. It does lend to a feeling of an infinitely huge and diverse universe, so big thanks to these 10 aliens for the hilarious world-building of the Men in Black mythos.


First off in this list of Men in Black aliens is, well, the very first alien we see in the first Men in Black movie: Mikey. His species was never really specified but that’s not important since he’s most likely an oddball among them (he’s also a wanted political criminal), just him– not his race. That’s because of all the human disguises Mikey could have worn, he chose that of an illegal Mexican immigrant.


That’s worthy of a chuckle, of course. Such a tongue-in-cheek joke is very much still relevant today (probably might even be offensive to some). Basically, Mikey existed and died for a joke and one of the most humorous movie intros ever. Worth it.

Frank the Pug/Remoolian

Ever looked directly into a pug’s emotionless eyes only for them to look back at you with the wisdom of eons garnered from their light years of cosmos journeys? Of course not, pugs aren’t that smart (or beautiful). Frank, on the other hand, is a timeless galactic treasure who chose to disguise himself (or itself) as a pug.


Frank actually belongs to the alien race of Remoolians. Apparently, the appearance and size of Remoolians are closer to that of Earth’s dogs, hence they are able to disguise themselves as such. Oddly enough, Frank is what we can imagine a pug would sound like if they could talk.

Edgar the Bug

Cockroaches are freaky already and alien enough to us humans. Make them crazy huge (as big as a bus) and give them an inferiority complex and you get one of the most terrifying yet funny doomsday aliens ever. That pretty much sums up Edgar, the main antagonist of the first Men in Black movie. His whole race is pretty much just called “Bugs” (though they really are just oversized mutant cockroaches).


His name isn’t even Edgar, that’s just the name of the human whose skin he stole. As such, the fondest memory we have of Edgar in Men in Black is a grumpy and neurotic Vincent D’Onofrio who goes crazy for refined sugar. Okay, we’ll take a dozen.


At this point, the alien design team of Men in Black 2 have gone full Family Guy. The Ballchinians, are pretty much just pensioners with saggy male gonads for their chins. One could wonder what the females of their race look like; do they have fallopian tubes and ovaries for chins instead of testicles? We may never know.


We do know one thing: they don’t fare well in combat. One uppercut can obliterate their whole family tree– assuming they carry means of reproduction in those bulging chins.


Squids look like they’d fit right in the Star Wars universe. While we only get to see their true form as infants, we can still assume that the adults also share the same physical characteristics… at least when not disguised as humans. They only appeared in Men in Black when Agents K and J interviewed an alien migrant couple.


Their child looks like a baby version of the Jedi master Kit Fisto from a certain galaxy far, far away. The actual name of their race was never revealed, only that they were code-named “Squids” by the MiB. Regardless, their favorite choice of migration residency is probably Japan *wink.*

Scrad and Charlie

Two heads are better than one unless you’re a human who views that literally. Luckily, Scrad is no human being– he belongs to a humanoid alien race supposedly called Bi-cranials, that’s pretty self-explanatory. What’s odd, however, is that the other head is smaller than the first one but appears to be sharing the same intelligence levels as the bigger head.


The smaller head even has a name and personality of its own, called Charlie. Both of them work for the main antagonist of Men in Black 2 and frankly, they’re pretty bad henchmen despite having two brains.; they probably only share one, half-a-brain for each head.

Boris the Animal/Boglodyte

Like Edgar (or whoever he is), Boris the animal is a parasitic and violent individual of a destructive alien race. Boris belongs to the Boglodyte species who were wiped out (all of them save for him) because they ran out of planets (basically their food) to invade and suck dry. He’s the main antagonist of Men in Black 3.


They appear to be able to take on a human appearance with ease, though Boris has shown just how horrific his Boglodyte form is. His hobbies include agreeing to disagree with others then impaling them with his self-sustaining organic spikes soon after.

Jack Jeebs/Skook

Jack Jeebs is a pawnshop owner, that should be enough to raise suspicions toward his lack of humanity. Beneath the pawnshop front, however, is Jeebs’ own underground black market for weapons which he sells to unlicensed aliens. Basically, Jeebs is also an arms dealer in addition to a pawnbroker, there goes his human disguise.


You don’t have to shoot Jeebs’ head to know that he’s a Skook. Whatever those are, they can rapidly regenerate any body part they lose save for one organ… you can probably guess which. Shady as he may be, he still sometimes proves himself useful to the MiB, especially to K and J when they need access to the alien underworld on Earth.


If you’re still not convinced that Victoria’s Secret models are unnatural or “out-of-this-world,” take one good look at Serleena from Men in Black 2. She belongs to the Kylothian alien race who are shapeshifting tentacle thingies that happen to be warlike.


Upon landing on Earth, Serleena assumed the form of a Victoria’s Secret model thanks to a magazine which suspiciously happened to be nearby. Oh, she’s also quite evil and intelligent; she’s the queen of the Kylothians, after all. Apparently, Serleena knew that Earth (or at least half of it) can be conquered with a pair of mammary glands.


These wormy things might just be a freelancer’s spirit animal (or alien). They talk nonsense only their own kind can understand, they’re a little perverted, they have bad posture, and they love coffee more than anything else. Except there’s the fact that Neebles are far from humans in appearance; they actually look like upright larva.


They’re not just for show too, sometimes they help K and J whenever they feel gangsta enough or had their fill of caffeine. Anyway, the Neebles are perhaps the most sophisticated aliens from Men in Black in this list and they seem to have adapted to human conventions pretty well. Still, that doesn’t make them any less uncanny.

Think there are more aliens out there that deserve to be in this list? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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