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What If These Disney Characters Lived In a Tiny House?

The ‘Tiny House’ movement started in 1987 with the publication of Tiny Houses by Lester Walker, and as our world gets ever more crowded and houses get ever more difficult to buy, it’s becoming even more popular. But can you imagine your favorite Disney characters living in a tiny house? For many of them, home is a big castle, not a house no larger than 300 square feet, and they certainly don’t embrace minimalism, but that’s no reason not to imagine what it could look like.

So here’s what the homes of six Disney characters would look like if they had followed the Tiny House movement.

Disney Tiny House

Woody (Toy Story)

First things first, yes Woody could easily live in a Tiny House because he’s actually a toy, but let’s get past that. This imaginary home is based on him being full-size, so you’ll just have to live with that. Maybe this could be his home in the old TV show seen in Toy Story 2? Certainly, this wooden shack has the kind of rustic charm we could imagine Sheriff Woody enjoying after a hard day fighting varmints and cattle rustlers. But this design is also ultra-modern and you could imagine an Apple exec having a cabin like this to use as a meditation retreat.

Elsa (Frozen)

Do you need a Tiny House when you can build your own enormous ice castle in the space of a single song? Probably not, but here’s what’d she go with it she wanted something a bit warmer and durable for the summer months. Appropriately enough it’s got a white and pastel blue color scheme with beams that are not only functional but also snowflake-themed. You could definitely see the introverted Elsa escaping her various royal duties in this cosy little Norwegian-style woodland home from time to time.

Merida (Brave)

Brave was a hugely underappreciated Pixar gem from 2012 that deserved to be as big as Frozen, while Merida was one of the first really modern ‘princesses’ from the House of Mouse. She’s a real no-nonsense type of girl and that’s writ large (or small) in her Tiny House, which would definitely look at home in the Scottish Highlands. It’s sparsely-decorated and lacking in soft touches because that would be an extravagance. With a fireplace and rug and chair, what else could she need?

Mulan (Mulan)

With a new live-action version of this film on the way (of course), who knows what her home will look like now, but it will probably be bigger than this one. It’s neat and well-organised with plenty of Eastern-themed touches and a very wooden and minimalist aesthetic. Set high up in the mountains, the views from the windows will be stunning.

Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

The Pumpkin King isn’t going to be someone who wants a nice, cute little cabin with cosy rugs and pot plants, so his Tiny House is suitably spooky. From the outside it’s like a log cabin meets the Addams Family House, or possibly the kind of place in which a backpacker would meet their grisly doom in a horror movie. Inside, it’s VERY DARK and has both a pumpkin and a Christmas Tree to reflect his fondness for both holiday seasons.

Belle (Beauty & The Beast)

The ultimate Disney introvert, Belle starts off the story as a quiet girl who lives for her books and every quiet bookish girl would dream of a Tiny House to spend time on her own reading, don’t they? It’s simple and cosy, with lots of bright and comfortable places to read – and obviously lots of bookshelves. From the outside it’s a fairytale style cottage that looks like a tiny version of her home in the movie.

Which of these Tiny Houses do you think captures the spirit of the characters best? And which would you most want to live in?

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