What if your favorite video game franchise did sneakers?

One reason that the geeks have inherited the world of modern popular culture is that we love to give our money to the big brands for pretty much any kind of merchandise they roll out. The films, TV shows, and video games that we love form a key part of our identity and we’re always happy to advertise that with a cool t-shirt, hoodie, or even our sneakers.

That’s why the big video game launch of 2020 – Cyberpunk 2077 – saw a special Adidas sneaker released, even if it was about as popular with fans as the game itself ended up being. But we love stylish geeky sneaks, so what if our favorite franchises came up with their own versions? That’s what Supplement Timing thought and they got to work dreaming them up.

From the natural colors and styles of Zelda – Breath of the Wild to the retro-futuristic Bioshock Infinite design, they’re a real mixed bunch. The coolest might be the ultra-stylish Portal sneakers, which look like Marty McFly could have worn them in Back to the Future II.

Elsewhere, there’s a spiky feel to the World of Warcraft sneakers, which would definitely get you kicked off the soccer field after puncturing the ball the first time you tried to kick it, while the God of War sneaks look like incredibly comfy slippers or boots, with a real Nordic vibe.

The light and airy Journey sneakers are perfect for exploring the world at your own pace, but the Resident Evil: Village ones look no-nonsense and ready for (terrifying) action. Might want to give the blood a wipe before going to the store though.

Sadly none of these sneakers are real – yet – so you can’t actually buy any of them, but why not check out the full collection and see which you’d like to wear?

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