What Is Elo Boosting and Is It Worth Your Money?

Video games have been a part of society’s entertainment since the 70s. They have undergone so many changes – from video arcades that have the typical coin-operated chassis to video games that feature high definition and 3D layouts that could only be played on newer and modern electronic systems like desktop, handheld computing devices, video game consoles, mobile phones, and laptops. This has provided new thrills and excitement to gamers and at the same time, opened a new field in the business and marketing industry. Right now, millions of players are recorded to be actively playing games that use ELO Based Rating Systems such as World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Consequently, this has pushed the creation of the process called Elo Boosting.

What Is Elo Boosting?

Elo boosting was created to improve one’s rank position in ELO based rating systems, like the ones used in the game League of Legends. In this process, a player gives access to a professional player, called an Elo Booster, on his or her account in an exchange for real money.

To become an Elo Booster, it is not enough to just be a player who ranks high on the league. For professional boosters, they have to fit the requirements given by institutions like Boosteria. Specifically, a potential booster should have at least five diamonds for the junior position and one diamond for the regular position. They shouldn’t also spoil themselves, should avoid chatting to anyone within the client’s friend list, and should only boost at least a division per day if LP gain isn’t lower than 16 LP for every win and if the current position is under Platinum 3.

Benefits of Elo Boosting

Elo Boost is usually preferred by players who want to rank higher and faster in a short period since the main purpose of each game is to become the highest and the most powerful player. Also, playing these games at the regular pace would only take a huge amount of time and can be frustrating and irritating, especially when playing with teammates who failed to understand the game’s mechanics.

And because of the hierarchy produced by the intense and liberated culture created by the players of the games, obtaining a higher league and having a boosted MMR would make the player’s account more attractive. This would then impress other gamers and acquaintances, prevents ego-crushing humiliation, creates a phenomenal reputation and earn respect from other people.

Consequently, a lot of institutions were established that offer services to players who seek this type of help. Each of them has their respective deals and packages, which depend on the amount the company and the clients have agreed; the results will then tell whether the payment is worth it or not.

But, a sure thing regarding Elo Boosting is that a player’s account will be boosted at least one division every day; equipment, treasures, and gold will be expanded and upgraded, and a professional player will be handling the customer’s account. A lot of these institutions offer affordable services since competition within this field has increased manifold in the past years. The resulting advantages weigh more than the amount the player or client has paid. Furthermore, the majority of companies offering Elo Boosting is reliable, safe, and secure because they follow restrictions created by the game’s brand and provide a provision of reimbursement for cases where the booster has accidentally disobeyed the game’s regulation and was officially excluded or legally prohibited.

Thus, in order not to get swindled or defrauded by a group, it is advised to do proper research on the dealing company, its regulations, and offered transactions. If possible, it is recommended to choose a more in demand and favored company so that there would be transparency within the business’s records and reviews.   


Video games are activities associated with the industrial field of interaction between humans and computers to produce visual results on various video display devices such as virtual reality headset, TV set, monitor, and touchscreen. They have become a prominent medium in the field of entertainment, marketing, and business industry after creating a dispute on whether it is a form of art.

Moreover, the video game industry has been growing and has increased its commercial importance over time, especially since 2010 because of the emergence of the Asian markets and mobile games being available on smartphones. As of the year 2018, the total generated sales for video games throughout the world have reached over $134.9 billion annually.

Right now, it is evident that some countries have developed cultures that embrace the popularity and unique euphoria created by these games. The uses of Elo Boost for players, event organizing for cosplayers, and comic-cons for fans are just some of the examples of how these games impact the nation.  

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