What Makes Drone-Based Photogrammetry a Great Option?

Today, drones are extensively being used in commercial land surveying and mapping. Combined with the right technology, they make it easier to map large areas cost-effectively and quickly while providing critical data that ensures accelerated workflows in a broad range of commercial settings. For businesses that are looking to make the best out of drone technology, photogrammetry offers one of the most reliable mapping solutions.

Photogrammetry is a process which involves the generation of precise and accurate measurements from photographs and can be used in a diversity of fields in the modern world including survey, construction, agriculture, mining, real estate and engineering. It utilizes accelerated photography and remote sensing to formulate precision measurements that can be used to turn two-dimensional photographs into three-dimensional models.

Its use has only become even more widespread with the increasing prevalence of aerial vehicles or drones. Here are four amazing reasons why you should consider using it for your surveying projects:

It Is Accurate

Photogrammetry tends to be quite accurate while providing enough information to form a specific cost model. While drones come in a variety of models, the photogrammetry tools available in the market can easily be incorporated into almost any drones to achieve the required survey processes. In turn, the drones can help create high-resolution images.

Without depending on sensor direction, the photogrammetry processes can be conducted by creating comprehensive records of information about the area being surveyed. This can be done through the use of photogrammetry software which helps bring together hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pictures to create a clear geographic image while eliminating common errors.

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Technology Has Evolved

Previously, photogrammetry used to rely on airplanes fixed with cameras which would survey a piece of land. However, using this process was pretty expensive and was mostly reserved for those who had enough resources to hires such services. In most cases, it was utilized by the military or government agencies to conduct their research.

In modern times, however, the rise in the use of aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones, has made it easily accessible to common business owners and surveyors. In turn, photogrammetry becomes easy to operate while the users can get to enjoy precision in their surveys. The expected advancements in drone technology increase the usefulness of this survey method.

Complete Tasks Rapidly and Conveniently

Considering that the conventional photogrammetry processes needed surveyors to use planes, they would take a lot of time to complete despite their high costs. On the contrary, the modern drone-powered photogrammetry processes tend to take a shorter time, as noted by Enviromine Inc. Additionally, drones can come up with ultra HD quality images (1080p and 4K).

While being highly mobile, the drones can be used in surveying tight spaces, areas that have differing degrees of elevation and those that require multiple positioning of the camera. The size of the drone also allows it to come up with clear images as it can bypass common obstructions. Unlike piloted aircraft, the drones can be preprogrammed to travel along a specific waypoint especially in small areas that call for precision.

Reduced Transportation Burden

Previously, standard survey methods would require the surveyors to bring along heavy equipment. Other than this being an extra cost in terms of truck space, it would typically take some time to set up the equipment. Drone-based survey solutions are typically user-friendly and will only call for minimal equipment that can fit in a truck easily. Other than the drone, some of the main equipment includes photogrammetry software and a compatible digital SLR camera.


Although it has existed for decades, photogrammetry is only but starting to be more influential in various areas of the economy, leave alone surveying. A good part of it is dependent on the development and rising prevalence of the use of drones. Consider using it to enjoy high quality and accurate surveys.

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