We all know Doctor Who‘s TARDIS is “bigger on the inside.” A lot bigger. Even though all we’ve ever seen is the control room, the show has told us forever that there’s a vast world inside the TARDIS with endless rooms, halls, and equipment. (A recent episode, “The Doctor’s Wife,” finally showed us some interior hallways, but no other rooms.)

Yet all we’ve ever seen of the TARDIS’ exterior is its construct, the blue Police box. Here’s a look at what’s really in there.

The official explanation of the difference in the TARDIS’ interior and exterior is that the two co-exist in different dimensions. There’s lots more to it than that, but that’s the only bit I can get my head around. If you’ve ever wondered what the TARDIS really looks like, in its own dimension, DeviantArt user “Lord Rassilon” is here to help.

This image is just one of many he’s created, showing off numerous incarnations of the TARDIS and his world. Rassilon has grand plans to create schematics and detailed breakdowns of every TARDIS, every Doctor, Time Lord symbology, and more.

For now, this incredible blueprint of the 11th Doctor’s TARDIS (aka, actor Matt Smith) boggles the mind. We can only dream that someday the show’s producers will have reason to show us more of the incredible world inside that blue box.

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